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Brimmed hats have been a great protective headwear and a stylish accessory for centuries, and today they are making an astounding resurgence. If you look attentively, you’ll notice guys and gals wearing these everywhere, from Florida beaches to Texas ranches to the New-York hipster places. A felt cowboy hat comes in handy for traveling around the northern parts of our country. 

If you’re looking for a summer hat, a floppy or straw fedora will protect your head and add a touch of style to your summer look. Want a hat that will make you stand out in this cool western outfit? Why not consider a leather cowboy hat with elaborate decorations? Whatever your preferred clothing style or taste, you’ll find your favorite hat at GRITR Outdoors.

Types of Brimmed Hats for Men & Women

Fedoras are classic hats originating in the U.S., characterized by mid-size brims. The style encompasses various brim shapes (curved and straight) and crown styles (usually pinched-front but can also be center-dent or cattleman) and tends to have a wide grosgrain hatband and a snap-brim, which means the front can be turned up or down. Women’s and men’s Fedora hats are made with straw, felt, or fur. Wide-brim Fedoras for fishing and outdoors can feature a mesh crown. If you want a short-brim hat, consider the Trilby, a Fedora variation.

Western hats have wide brims and encompass even more styles. Though the first Stetson hat (the first cowboy hat ever made) had a round crown and straight brim, today, a hat with a curved brim and a dented crown is considered iconic. Though an integral part of a western outfit, cowboy hats beautifully match casual shirts, jeans, and dresses.

Men’s Derby hats, also known as bowler hats, are the 19th-century classic characterized by a round crown, rounded front, and curled brim.

If you’re looking for an outdoor hat, consider a Boonie. Boonie / Bucket hats are made with cotton, canvas, or polyester and feature a soft brim. The hat can also be fitted with a chin strap.

Your First-Choice Hat Store

GRITR Outdoors has hats for every taste and need. Want a women’s / men’s sun hat or beach hat? - A straw wide-brim, like a floppy hat, will be perfect. A packable sun hat? - Check out our selection of Boonie hats for men & women. A safari hat? A Stetson cowboy hat? We have them all. So stop looking for women’s / men’s hats near me and shop at GRITR Outdoors.

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