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Optic Cleaning

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you are probably a happy owner of hunting optics. And as everybody knows, with greater power comes greater responsibility. The same goes for magnification power. You will probably use your optics out in the wilderness, and that is an area far from being clean. Even if you are a responsible optics owner and have a scope cover or a case to carry your devices in, they are bound to get polluted sooner or later. If you want to observe nature instead of examining the beautiful mosaic of dirt and dust, covering your lens, you would need an optic cleaning kit.

Proper care contributes to a better user experience and longer service life. Overdoing, on the other hand, might lead to polished surfaces damage and special coating thinning, which will only degrade the further performance. That’s why it’s always important not to get carried away in your desire to make the optics clean again. 

There are many cleaning methods, depending on the type of optics and the degree of attention it needs. It would be most beneficial to perform the cleaning in a dust- and dirt-free area and not to wear anything that could potentially scratch or leave other marks on the lenses. It’s better to wear gloves to avoid grease and oils from touching the lens with bare hands.

Whatever your cleaning conditions are, optic cleaning supplies are still the main actor here. While using a common lens cleaning cloth will suffice for dusting, a deeper cleaning calls for using a lens cleaning solution. There are many substances suitable for that task, including isopropyl alcohol and acetone, but if you don’t want to bother looking up separate items, our lens cleaning kit already contains a solution for lens cleaning.

A lens pen is another great option. It’s a compact and ergonomic device, perfect for cleaning binocular lenses, scope lenses, and other types of optics. The lens pen is equipped with a retractable hair brush and a special dry-cleaning compound that will automatically replenish itself so that you won’t need to worry about the compound drying out.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find optic cleaning supplies to keep your devices as pristine and pure as new. Lens cleaning cloths, optic cleaning wipes, and lens pens are waiting for the moment to make your optics shine bright.

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