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Clothing Accessories

Protecting the face and neck from wind and frost becomes a priority in cold weather. Scarves are suitable for outdoor activities, travel, or winter sports. Modern assortment includes not only classic scarves but also snoods and gaiters. They are most often made of acrylic with the addition of synthetic fibers. These materials combine lightness, ability to perfectly save heat, and wear resistance. 

These unisex accessories are made of soft elastic materials. Belts securely fix jeans, shorts, and hiking pants on the body without restricting movements.

Sunglasses are essential men and women accessories, especially in the summer. Glasses not only protect the eyes from the bright sun and UV-rays but also improve visual acuity, especially when it comes to models with polarization.

Sunglasses for sports are the choice of runners and cyclists. The shape of the lenses provides lateral protection of the eyes from the sun's rays and wind. These sport accessories have a special coating that allows you to quickly and easily clean the lenses from splashes and fingerprints. 

It is important to properly monitor the exercise stress while doing sport. For this purpose, special watches are used. They allow you to determine the heart rate, calculate the number of steps, and even monitor the quality of your diet and sleep. Watches can be both sport and casual accessories.

Top Clothing Accessories Brands

Sitka was founded in 2005 in the USA. Today, it is the most famous brand among American companies producing specialized clothing for all types of hunting. In addition to hunting clothing, the company offers a wide variety of Sitka accessories.

Gill is a mix of excellent quality, a high degree of protection and comfort, and exclusive design. The most famous fishermen in the world choose the Gill brand. Therefore, you can undoubtedly trust Gill accessories.

The Banded company is a manufacturer of goods for hunting waterfowl. In addition to clothing, you can find Banded accessories such as bags for hunting, gaiters, and face masks.

Put the finishing touches on your outdoor apparel collection with our diverse and low-priced selection of clothing accessories. Those who travel through thick, snake-infested terrain will appreciate our collection of snake gaiters. Hikers will benefit from our selection of waterproof accessories. In addition, you can keep your pants as well as your holster secure with our collection of tactical and outdoor belts.