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Even if you don’t plan to overstay your welcome in the forest and assume you’ll leave it before twilight takes the reins, a flashlight is a thing you should always carry on your person when taking a trip to the woods. You might be surprised how dark an evening or night forest actually is, and this is not the kind of surprise you want to be taken aback by. It looks as if the forest has taken off its bright daylight mask and put on another one in dark somber tones. Everything around you looks different, and familiar paths don't look that familiar anymore. A little bit of light can fix the situation, and instead of carrying good old matches that are not incapable of letting you down at the most crucial moments, you can choose something from our collection of the best tactical flashlights. 

Flashlights have led many a traveler out from the woods. They helped many seekers find what they were looking for and dispelled many shadows from besieging one’s vibrant imagination. If you want to have a compact beam of light always at hand, you’ve come to the right place. Gritr Outdoors offers a wide range of flashlights designed specifically for hunters. We can meet your needs with mini flashlights, military tactical flashlights, or comfortable headlamps.

The era of incandescent flashlights is long gone. Modern LED flashlights have a longer service life and can last up to ten times longer without battery recharge. Moreover, they are more durable and less prone to breaking as opposed to bulb flashlights. LED is what you’d want to take for a hunting trip, or camping, or walking, or any other situation imaginable. 

Many hunting flashlights also offer the benefits of a focused beam and an impressive beam path. In that mode, the flashlight’s ray of light brightly illuminates the space you are pointing at without highlighting the surrounding area. This might come in handy if you want to take a closer look at an animal without surely scaring it. 

In addition to that, many models of lighting devices support tactical strobe mode. Intense and bright flashes of light help disorient a potentially dangerous animal encountered by chance. Some tactical flashlights even have other colors built-in, which doesn't have too many practical applications but is very fun. 

Gritr Outdoors has a wide selection of handheld flashlights and headlamps. Here, you can find products of the industry’s most seasoned brands. Streamlight, Browning, Inforce, and Surefire flashlights are looking forward to bringing more light into your life.