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Turkey Calls

Turkey calls stand alone in the world of game calls because of their unmatched uniqueness in design and form. With that mentioned, they serve the same purpose as their cousins - allure your game of choice to ensure a fruitful hunt. It might be hard to sort everything out, but it is also hard to make a wrong choice - they all are great at what they do. It might be a daunting task to make a choice, especially not having tried all types of turkey calls personally. Here’s a brief guide to help you navigate in that sea of the best turkey calls.

Method of Using 

According to the manner of use, there are mouth turkey calls and friction turkey calls. If you have ever used other game calls, you will note a significant difference in turkey mouth calls compared to other devices of the same type. If regular calls look like tubes you need to exhale in, turkey mouth calls resemble halves of a vinyl record you need to put in your mouth. They are also different in the manner you should direct your airstream: instead of blowing a call, you should huff to send the hot air right over the top of it.

Friction calls, also known as turkey pot calls, have a different principle as the basis of their work. As the name implies, they rely on friction. They are also called pot calls because of their form: the friction surface is encased in a small pot. To use a friction call, you’ll need a striker that is almost always included in the bundle. Scrapping is not the right word, but it gives some idea of what you should do: push a wooden striker against the surface as if you are trying to get this terrible sound of a blackboard being scratched.

Friction Surface

That classification is true for friction calls only. There are two basic materials for a game call friction surface: glass and slate. Turkey glass calls produce higher-pitched sounds that tend to reach out further. They also enjoy more versatility, allowing for both loud and quiet calls. Turkey slate calls, on the other hand, are more subtle. Slate is the best material for imitating clucks and purrs. 

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