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Casual Pants

Trousers are an important part of the wardrobe. Their main advantages are convenience and practicality. Casual pants for men and women will visually improve your figure and emphasize its dignity. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to choose the right trousers.

Types of Pants

  • Classic trousers are the basis for a business suit. Casual dress pants can be worn with a tight-fitting top or a sweatshirt. Such models will perfectly fit into a casual look. Classic trousers are the most popular and widespread model of men's casual pants. Usually, they are sold mainly with a jacket, like a suit. However, they can also be purchased separately.
  • Bell-bottomed trousers look good on tall women. Such casual pants for women hide the imperfections of the legs and make you look slimmer. Pants can be worn with a classic shirt, a spacious blouse, or a stylish T-shirt. Flared trousers are ideal to wear with the heel, the length should reach the toes of the shoes.
  • Palazzo are wide leg casual pants. Such trousers are designed with a high waist, wide legs, and a maximum length. These models visually stretch the silhouette of a woman, emphasizing the elegance. Fashionable trousers are appropriate to wear with a blouse, a shirt, and a sweatshirt. It is better to choose shoes with a stable heel or platform.
  • Leggings are best for comfort lovers. These models are not suitable for celebrations and business meetings. However, this option is ideal for travel, walking, and visiting a variety of establishments where there is no specific dress code.
  • Jogger pants with pockets are made of linen or cotton. Such models are quite practical and popular among many women for their simplicity and loose fit. Casual jogger pants outfit is a great option for walking in the park and meetings at the office. They are combined with blouses, shirts, and a sweater. Shoes with heels, sneakers, sandals are suitable for these trousers, it all depends on the specific case.
  • Jeans are sewn from cotton denim. Traditionally, jeans have five pockets and reinforced seams. These trousers can fit into many looks. You can wear jeans all year round. They are combined with sports sneakers, lace-up boots, and shoes with heels.

Choosing the right casual pants is not that easy. It is important to take into account not only the characteristics of your figure but also the occasions. Shop the best casual pants direct from GRITR Outdoors.

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