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Water Skis & Gear

It’s a common thing for people who grew up near the mountains to take regular skiing for granted and develop a strong appreciation of the sea and ocean. Likewise, people who lived their whole lives at the seashore are often enchanted with the beauty of snowy peaks. What is a regular sight for one is a coveted view for the other. But if mountains may seem too distant for coastal dwellers, skiing is never too far. And you don’t even need to live near the seashore, any big enough body of water will do for waterskiing. It is quite different from alpine skiing, of course, but may serve as both a valid substitute and a stand-alone leisure activity for those unsophisticated people who don’t have either mountains or sea as their regular window view.

What do you need for an enjoyable water ski ride? However obvious it may sound, the first thing is water. Calmer lake waters are great for recreational skiing, but rivers and seas work equally well. There should be no other boats or swimmers in the vicinity (at least 100 feet from you and the towboat), otherwise, the chances of injury skyrocket. But enough with safety rules, you will get instructed beforehand. Which water ski accessories can be found in Gritr Outdoors?

Water Skis

Not an accessory, but rather an indispensable part of the whole process. Gritr Outdoors has several pairs of water skis for sale, all produced by an industry expert Radar. If you are an avid skier, you probably already have a pair of your own slalom skis. If you are a first-timer or only getting into this marvelous sport, combo water skis will be the best choice. Those we have on our website.

Water Skis Accessories

What other things might be of help? The first thing you should put on before everything starts is a life vest. Regardless of your swimming ability, life vests are obligatory attributes of waterskiing. If you want to ensure a more comfortable grip, both a water ski handle and water ski gloves would be of help. Gloves are not mandatory, but many professional skiers wear them. If we talk about handles, well, you need to hold on to something, don’t you? 

You also need a pair of water ski boots. Just as with regular skis, you would want your feet to stay put. These boots work mostly as water ski bindings that are often already attached to the skis, but they all come in one size, so you might want to customize your water skis a little.

Gritr Outdoors has many water skis and water ski accessories available. If you cannot find something you need in this category, take a look at neighboring ones or open the head category.