Winter Sports Headwear -

Winter Sports Headwear

Wearing a winter hat is often seen as punishment by children. Many tear it off once they get out of their parent’s sight only to understand all the benefits of wearing winter hats when they grow up. If those advantages are no secret to you, welcome to our winter headwear page! Gritr Outdoors is your dedicated supplier of men’s and women’s winter headwear produced by such industry experts as Swix, 180s, Dakine, and Degrees. Hats are not our only specialty - we also have a modest collection of winter earmuffs.     

What are the different types of winter hats?

Winter hat classification is quite extensive, but the most popular types are a winter beanie, trapper hat, bucket hat, pom hat, ski hat, watch cap, beret, fedora, and several varieties of warm caps.

What is the warmest material for a winter hat?

According to scientists, wool makes for the best material for winter hats. Merino wool hats are on par with knit beanies in terms of insulation and holding on your head without sliding down.

Are earmuffs good for winter?

An ear warmer is another popular choice for winter headwear. Winter earmuffs excel at keeping your ears warm and those are the most vulnerable part of your head. If you don’t like the way hats mess up your hair, earmuffs are a great substitute.

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