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Deer Hunting Gear

The deer is one of the most sought-after quarries out there. Many enthusiasts look forward to deer hunting season opening more than Christmas or any other holiday, for it became a vital element of hunting culture. Whitetails are careful and clever animals, so one would need to have a strategy when hunting deer. But even more than a strategy (or at least on par with it), a hunter needs to come prepared, and by "prepared" we mean fully equipped. How much does it take to put together a deer hunting equipment set? You can have a look at our goods and decide what you need. 

Gritr Outdoors is the best online store to prepare for deer hunting in Texas. We have loads of deer hunting gear that cover many product categories. Here, you can get anything you need, like apparel, optics, and game calls, all designed specifically to facilitate you in your hunting aspirations. 

Deer Hunting Clothing

There are two elements of deer hunting apparel you need to procure: camouflaged base and blaze orange elements. The first part seems more apparent, yet it has peculiarities of its own. Deer hunting clothes utilize camo designs developed specifically to conceal you from these animals. These patterns exploit the weaknesses of deer eyesight and break your outline to make you less conspicuous. The second element is a blaze orange piece of clothing, which, in contrast with the initial impression, doesn’t give away your position, not to deer at least. Blaze orange hats and vests are used to notify fellow hunters about your presence and prevent those fatal misunderstandings when someone mistakes you for a deer. Here you can find deer hunting hats and jackets produced by such experts in the field of hunting apparel as Sitka, Vortex, and Beretta.

If you prefer to have your prey come to you rather than chase it for miles, deer calls are the thing you need. They attract those deer that hear the sound, making your job twice easier. With Primos calls, you only need to place a precise shot - no big deal.


Who would refuse some help, especially when it’s not considered cheating? Optical devices like binoculars and rangefinders allow you to do things you are not capable of on your own, like see things eight times closer or determine the exact distance to an object. Both devices can benefit you greatly when hunting deer, so be sure to check them out.

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