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Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant parts of the day. It carries all your problems away and lets your mind float unburdened. We all know about miracles that a good night's sleep can work. We also know how terrible everything seems when you don't sleep enough. The quality of your sleep is on your hands.

It's common knowledge that fresh air favorably affects your condition. Physicians recommend taking a stroll before going to bed, as it helps you fall asleep faster. You can consider camping to be one big stroll, but you will hardly fall asleep fast, lying on the cold ground and covered with leaves serving as a blanket. If you want to sleep comfortably during your camping trip, you will need a sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag is a lightweight quilt that can be closed with a zipper. Such bags serve as portable bedding for those sleeping outdoors. Their main purpose is to retain warmth and provide insulation. Sleeping bags also usually have a water-resistant cover to keep light precipitations from disturbing your sleep. They are not as good as tents in this regard, so consider buying both. Sleeping bags won’t keep branches from falling right onto you, and you’ll still feel the rain on your face.

Camping can take place at any time of the year. Naturally, you need different sleeping bags for different temperatures. Harsh winter days and summer nights stand far from each other. For that purpose, camping sleeping bags are divided into categories.

Season 1 sleeping bags are suitable for warm summer nights and are great for attending festivals. They are also a solid choice for a sleepover.

Season 2 bags are meant for late spring and early autumn when night can get colder. They are also helpful if you feel cold during the summer.

Season 3 sleeping bags are best suited for cold autumn and winter nights when there is no snow.

Season 4 bags are intended for snowy winter nights.

Camping sleeping bags also come with temperature ratings, which show you the conditions the sleeping bags are intended for. In that regard, there are winter sleeping bags and summer sleeping bags. You can find all of them here.

Gritr Outdoors offers you a selection of the best sleeping bags to keep you warm throughout the year. If you are preparing for a sleepover, we have sleeping bags for girls and boys. If you consider yourself too mature for sleepovers (which is quite an omission), we have sleeping bags for camping.

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