Rebates and Deals

Rebates and Deals

Rebates and Deals
To allow our customers to purchase best quality products at attractive prices, we are constantly offering the latest rebate items on the market. Manufacturer rebates are provided to us by famous brands and are closely monitored to ensure that you always get the best deals ever. It has been our experience to struggle with the constant flow of rebates and invent an effective and comprehensive strategy of selecting the most captivating and attractive deals for our customers. Regardless of the type of a product you want to purchase, from a minute item to a “real giant” of the industry, we are here to make sure you always get the best bargain with your money getting back. Save money while purchasing on and take advantage of the available incentives offered to our customers!, an authorized dealer of Zeiss, Leupold and Nikon and other popular brands, is glad to announce a rebate on select Leupold and Nikon optics this month and for some time afterwards as well. So not only is it a great time to choose some optics for your hunt but also to save a fortune. The new instant Leupold and Nikon Rebates are only for customers in the United States.

LaserMax OFF-MAP Period

LaserMax OFF-Map period is valid through December 31st. Save up to 30% on LaserMax products.

Link to these items.

Brightline Bags Rebate

Now you can save up to 20% on all BrightLine Bags during Holiday Promotion period. Purchase these high-performance bags

between November 22 and December 11 and enjoy the discount. Tap here to see all bags available.

SpyPoint Rebate

Start Scounting Now! Save $20 on Link-Micro-LTE and Link-Micro-LTE-V Trail Cameras. Don't miss it! Click the link

Nikon Coolshot Instant Savings #3

Save instantly with Nikon and our store. From November 22nd through December 31st you can save up to $20, $30, $50.

The Coolshot 50i is $100 cheaper till November 30th. Click the link to view listed products.

Instant Savings Promotion #1

From Nov. 8th through Nov. 30th you can save money on Nikon products! Binoculars and rangefinders can save you $20, $30, $50

instantly. Tap this link for more details.

Nikon's Prostaff and More Instant Savings #2

Choose your size of Instant Savings. Binoculars and fieldscopes can save you $30, $100 or $200 instantly.

Click this link to see listed items.


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Rebate Types

Rebate programs are a large part of the marketing mix for both manufacturers and retailers. They are mutually beneficial for both manufacturers/retailers and customers, because manufacturers promote their brand, retailers win customer loyalty, and customers get products for the best price.


A manufacturer rebate goes directly from the manufacturer to the consumers for each unit they buy. The consumer purchases the item from the retailer for the full price, and then gets cash back from the manufacturer after claiming for a rebate.

RETAILER REBATE (Instant Rebates)

A retailer rebate goes from the manufacturer to the retailer for each unit sold. The retailer in its turn sets the retail price and makes an immediate discount for the customer.