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Fishing Shoes

Different seasons and styles require different fishing footwear. Fly fishing almost always requires special wading boots, except when your fly fishing waders already have ones permanently attached (the bootfoot waders). Hot-weather deck fishing and shore fishing will likely require something lighter, like fishing flip-flops. To fish comfortably during winter, you’ll need insulated boots with thick soles featuring deep lugs for better traction. But is there something more of a happy medium?

Why You May Need Fishing Shoes

A good women’s / men’s fishing shoe is perfect for lighter applications. It gives less bulk than fishing boots and ensures protection and long-term comfort better than flip-flops. The style encompasses lots of variations, but the general idea behind them is to keep your feet dry, airy, and comfortable. So what things to consider to choose the best fishing shoes:

  1. Given the nature of fishing, you’ll be dealing with water a lot of time, regardless of whether you fish from a deck, boat, or shore. Though you may opt for fully waterproof fishing shoes (wading shoes for fishing), reconsider in favor of breathable ones, such as mesh or deck/boating shoes.
  2. Consider the sole. Deck and boating shoes have superior-traction soles featuring shallow lugs that force the water from under the shoe and prevent slipping.
  3. Look for shoes with EVA foam cushioning for improved comfort.

What Fishing Shoes to Choose

  • Mesh shoes let the water out just as fast and easily as they let it in. Choose these when needing multi-purpose footwear.
  • The best boat shoes feature anti-slipping outsoles and a sneaker design. They can be made with leather with mesh inserts or breathable synthetic fabrics coated with a water-resistant agent. If you like high-output off-shore fishing, completely waterproof boat shoes can cause blisters.
  • Wading shoes are lighter than wading boots, 100% waterproof, and fitted with soles with deep lugs.

Best Fishing Shoes & Water Shoes for Men & Women

Here you’ll find an ocean of various women’s and men’s water shoes, wading shoes, and waterproof boat shoes for fishing. Shop for Xtratuf, Shimano, and other brands at GRITR Outdoors.


What shoes are good for fishing?

Good fishing shoes should be comfortable, durable, and provide solid traction. They should also have water drainage features and quick-drying material.

What are the best shoes to wear on a boat while fishing?

When fishing on a boat, your shoes should have non-slip soles to prevent accidents. Breathability is also important to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

What shoes are good for fishing on rocks?

Fishing on rocks requires shoes with excellent grip to prevent slips and falls. The shoes should also be hard-wearing to resist sharp edges and rugged terrain.

Are fishing shoes waterproof?

Many fishing shoes are water-resistant or waterproof to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. However, some are made with quick-drying materials and drainage holes, which allow water to flow out when wading.

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