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How Open Box Sales Work at GRITR Outdoors

An 'open-box' product refers to an item that was returned after its packaging was opened and now is sold at a discount.

The open-box products on our website can be found mixed with regular products in categories or on the Open Box Deals page. All open-box items are marked as either 'Damaged Package' or 'Great Condition, Limited Use.' The former indicates an unused item returned due to damaged packaging, while the latter signifies an item that has been used but shows no apparent signs of wear.

Based on our policy, customers can return purchases within 30 days of delivery, provided they are in like-new condition and their original packaging. The original buyer must also state the reason for the return. Upon receipt, these returned items are inspected and, depending on their condition, are repriced at a discount.

The open-box product page contains five photos of the item, showing its condition and possible signs of wear. If more information or pictures are needed, customers can reach out to our support team.

Importantly, our return policy stretches to open-box items. This means customers can return an open-box item just like any unused product if it complies with the return conditions and does not meet their expectations. Furthermore, the manufacturer's warranty remains valid.

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Advantages of Open Box Buys

Buying an open box item, you receive:

  • A significant discount on a high-quality product.
  • An item with minimal or no signs of wear.
  • The original manufacturer's warranty.
  • All original accessories and documents.
  • Full service and support, with open-box items treated the same as unused ones, including the return policy.
  • Complete transparency and information.

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What’s an Open Box?

An open box is an item that has been returned after its packaging was opened. The main difference from a new product is that its package has been opened, but it should still function as a new item.

Does the open box still have a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, an open-box item does come with the manufacturer's warranty intact. This provides you with the same coverage as if you bought the product new.

Can I return an open-box item?

Our return policy for open-box items is the same as for new items. You can return it within 30 days of delivery.

Does open box mean used?

Open-box doesn't necessarily mean the product has been used. When we receive a returned item, we thoroughly inspect it to verify its condition before listing it as an open-box item.