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Underwater Photo Equipment

In our digital age, photography is available practically to everyone. We can take photos with our smartphones that now have such high-quality software and optics that the shots can be mistaken for those taken by a photo camera. Amateur cameras have increased in general quality and become cheaper, and professional cameras demonstrate unbelievable performance. From kids to the elderly, everybody takes photos daily.

With technological advancements, shooting underwater has become available to many passionate scuba divers and snorkelers. We even have IP68 phones that resist submersion to a depth of 1.5 meters for half an hour. It’s enough if you want to take some photos while chilling on the beach. But what if you want to build a serious system to shoot reef creatures and shipwrecks?

Underwater photography equipment includes a ton of devices and accessories. A wide range of gear may make a beginner dizzy. Before actually buying stuff, consider your budget and answer a couple of questions. What creatures and subjects are you going to photograph? How close? How deep will you dive? The answers will help you decide on the right gear and potentially save some money.

Choosing the Best Underwater Camera

If you already have a camera and it satisfies you, consider using it for underwater photography. It will save you a lot of money which you can invest in other pieces of equipment and accessories that you’ll need anyway.

If you need to buy a new camera, there are two ways you can go: compact point-and-shoots and regular cameras. Compact cameras are great for beginners as they are simple to use and low-maintenance. Make sure a compact camera you choose has a manual mode, JPG and RAW(!) image capture, and aperture/shutter priority.

Also, check whether your compact underwater camera is a photo or photo-and-video camera.

You also can choose a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Mirrorless cameras are lightweight, easy to use, and capable of taking more shots per second than equivalent DSLRs but have shorter battery life.

Underwater Housing

Camera housings are made from polycarbonate or aluminum. These are durable materials that will give proper protection. Check what ports it is compatible with, what strobe connections are available, whether or not it features a leak detection system.

Other Underwater Photo Gear

After choosing a proper underwater photo camera and housing, you need to buy lenses, ports, extension rings, strobes and flashes, connectors, arms, and trays.

On GritrOutdoors.com, you’ll find all the necessary underwater gear and equipment for photography. We have underwater photo and video cameras, lights, lenses, backpacks, and other accessories and devices.

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