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Mono & Bipods

A rifle is by no means a light thing and carrying it around calls for a certain degree of strength. Casual carrying may pose no problem to you. When it comes to aiming, though, you might want to focus entirely on precision and steadiness. It’s not rocket science to guess that it is easier to aim when your rifle is stable, and that can be achieved by placing it against something solid. Ground does not provide enough elevation, fallen tree trunks or rocks are not always around unless you’ve managed to squeeze one into your backpack. Take it from us, there are tools more convenient and portable than a tree trunk. We offer you a collection of hunting pods to help you during your hunt. 

Hunting Bipods

A bipod is a V-shaped portable attachment that helps you to steady your firearm. It is specially designed to support the front part of your rifle, thus preventing unwanted canting and allowing for easier aiming. Bipods work greatly with rifles, machine guns, and other long-barrel firearms. They come in fixed and adjustable variations, depending on the ability to change their length. Having only two legs, a bipod by itself is not fully stable, it needs a third point of support which is usually the rifle’s buttstock pressed against the shooter’s body. That’s pretty convenient, as your rifle is always with you when hunting, not to mention your body. Those who prefer prone, seated, or kneeling shooting positions will find hunting rifle bipods to be great assistants. 

Hunting Monopods

They are basically bipods deprived of one pole. In addition to rifles, they are also great for supporting cameras and binoculars. They have the advantage of being light and compact but pay for this with lower stability. This is an innate problem of all pod devices: more poles bring higher steadiness and lesser portability. Luckily, the choice is yours. 

If you are interested in long-range shooting, consider getting one of those, hunting rifle bipods and monopods are a real asset for those who prefer static positioning to moving. 

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find many bipods for hunting rifles of all kinds. Remington 700 bipods, Remington 783 bipods, Winchester 70 bipods, you name it, our pods will suit any rifle there is. 


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