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Sports Footwear

Having a proper footwear for your sports ventures is essential because it directly impacts your performance and, as they say, can either make or break your day. Sneakers may be suitable for strolling and short-distance running, but they can’t be your all-around option since every sport implies different loads and foot movement. That’s why we strongly recommend picking sports shoes (sometimes incorrectly referred to as sports sneakers) designed particularly for your activity of choice.

Why Sports Shoes Matter

As we’ve mentioned above, footwear directly impacts your performance, and it’s more true for sport than anything else. Every sport involves different body parts in different ways, so you can’t use one pair of your favorite shoes interchangeably because each type of footwear is optimized for a very narrow range of applications.

For example, you will hardly use your climbing shoes for walking because if the fit is proper, they will feel very snug to eliminate friction. Actually, that’s why climbers have the so-called approach shoes, which, as the name suggests, they wear until they reach the climbing destination. In the running world, wearing sneakers instead of running shoes means less shock absorption and more muscle strain. Running shoes are lighter, more breathable and softer due to the mesh upper, and, most importantly, they feature more cushioning in the forefoot and heel to provide more comfort and shock absorption in the most demanding areas.

Sports that require stabilization imply shoes with more support and less flex. For example, trail running shoes usually feature stiffer soles to hold up against rocks and roots. If you need footwear for hiking, it’s best to opt for hiking shoes that, compared to trail runners, are less breathable and lightweight but feature a tougher overall construction and provide more support.

Lastly, shoes for sports reduce the risk of injuries. For example, since track running implies more forward movement, the running shoes don’t have enough support on the sides and won’t ensure a proper and safe side-to-side foot movement. That’s why it’s not recommended to hike in such footwear.

Sports Shoes and Boots for Sale

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