NIDECKER Supermatic Black Snowboard Binding N23BNMNBCBK


NIDECKER Supermatic Black Snowboard Binding (N.23.BNM.NBC.BK)

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Features of NIDECKER Supermatic Black Snowboard Binding N23BNMNBCBK

  • Using the same tried-and-tested shape and nylon/glass mix as Nidecker's beloved Axis baseplate but with additional Drop-In Technology components
  • The Reclining Hiback creates the fastest automatic entry system
  • Suspended underneath the Hybrid Spine, the injected ankle-strap frame with Auxetic pattern delivers great form-fitting support
  • The Hexo Toecap strap features AuxTech; a 3D hinged Auxetic pattern for next level connected comfort
  • Locking Slap Ratchet buckles lock down to secure your preferred footstrap tightness

Product Info for NIDECKER Supermatic Black Snowboard Binding N23BNMNBCBK

At first glance, the Nidecker Supermatic appears to be a regular strap binding; it's got a traditional highback, baseplate, straps and buckles. Riding delivers the same performance and feel as a regular, high-end binding, and you can get in and out of it like a regular two-strap binding. However, what makes the Supermatic so special and unique is that also got an easy entry and exit mode. Push the lever on the side, and you'll notice that the highback drops backwards, and the straps lift, giving you easy slip-in access to the binding. As you step down, the highback automatically comes back up, and the straps re-tension over the top of your foot. These lock into place with a couple of clicks, and you're ready to go.

To release, push the lever again, flex your foot into the strap and the highback drops, the straps loosen off, and you step out. Unlike other easy entry systems where the highback forms the heel cup of the binding, the Supermatics heel cup is fixed as per a traditional two-strap binding. This game-changing design means that the Supermatic's ingenious entry and exit system retains a traditional baseplate design, ensuring that, at last, you can have an easy entry binding with zero negative effect on performance. In other words, you can have your cake and eat it.

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