RONIX Vault White Black Green Wakeboard


RONIX Vault White/Black/Green Wakeboard

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  • White/Black/Green
  • White/Black/Green
  • White/Black/Green
  • White/Black/Green
  • White/Black/Green
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Features of RONIX Vault White Black Green Wakeboard

  • The Vault features a 3-stage rocker and unique asymmetrical design with a thinner, sharper toeside rail and a fuller, more vertical heelside rail
  • Flatter center curve for speed & rail control
  • Exaggerated exit angle through tip gives a bucking pop off the wake
  • A mid-flex board allows the rider to still get pop off the wake, while also preventing the board from smacking flat against the water
  • A rocker line designed to assist a rider in a relaxed neutrally balanced position
  • A thinner profile reduces the board's overall weight and gives it more contact/feel with the water
  • A set of two fiberglass 1.7" hook fins will give the rider plenty of grip and hold on turns and can be removed as the rider's skills continue to develop
  • The asymmetrical design and varial rails help put the rider in a more comfortable body position to make edging easier
  • Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail
  • 2 Molded-in Fins; 2 Fiberglass 1.7" Hook Fins

Product Info for RONIX Vault White Black Green Wakeboard

The Ronix Vault is an excellent first wakeboard for those just getting started and has helped numberous people over the years learn the fundamentals of wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is the only board sport where a rider's shoulders and hips aren't always parallel with each other. Many beginners find the crossed up body position while on their toeside edge to be awkward and uncomfortable. Ronix created the Vault as a solution to help overcome this obstacle while learning to ride, making this board a go-to learning tool for beginner wakeboarders all over the world. The Vault has been and will continue to be our top pick for beginner wakeboarders. Whether you are learning to get up or beginning to work on jumping the wake, the Ronix Vault will speed up your learning curve.

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