CIRCLE Y Josey Mitchell 3-Piece Fast Gag 0119-6000
Circle Y

CIRCLE Y Josey Mitchell 3-Piece Fast Gag (0119-6000)

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Features of CIRCLE Y Josey Mitchell 3-Piece Fast Gag 0119-6000

  • Three-Piece Twisted Wire
  • 5 1/2" Mouth
  • Copper Wrap Dog Bone
  • Developed by Martha Josey

Product Info for CIRCLE Y Josey Mitchell 3-Piece Fast Gag 0119-6000

The REINSMAN Josey Mitchell 3-Piece Fast Gag is a great choice for horses that need help picking up their shoulders. This shorter shank bit gives a moderate amount of "Whoa". This 3-piece twisted wire mouth with the copper dogbone keeps the horse's attention without being too severe.

Stage C bits are built for riders and horses who love neck reining. Horses who respond well to poll pressure are in Stage C. Features include solid mouthpieces and cheek attachments, and swivel cheeks with jointed mouthpieces or low to medium ports.

Remember: start with the lightest bit possible and progress from there. It's difficult to move backward.

Reinsman products are designed with the needs of riders in mind. Every detail is overseen with the utmost care, and new releases are carefully researched and tested before release. This allows us to stand behind our products with confidence and provide strong warranties.

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Warranty Information

Bit Style Gag Action
Bit Stage Stage C (Neck Reining - Horse responds to poll pressure)
Mouth Size 5 1/2" Mouth
Mouth Diameter 5/16"
Mouth Material Copper, Sweet Iron
Mouth Type 3-Piece, Dogbone, Gag Action, Sweet and Sour, Twisted
Endorsed By Martha Josey - Ty Mitchell
Horse Size Horse, Large Horse
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Additional Information

Horseback Riding
Product Type:
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