FISCHER Speedmax 3D Skate 61k Stiff Race Skis N05622
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FISCHER Speedmax 3D Skate 61k Stiff Race Skis (N05622)

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Features of FISCHER Speedmax 3D Skate 61k Stiff Race Skis N05622

  • Air Core HM Carbon: Proven Air Core material - the most successful ski core with over 80% air content for extremely light weight combined with highly molecular carbon fibres
  • Computer Flex Control: For racers. Minimises differences in residual tension and camber pressure. Top climbing and kick performance
  • Cold Base Bonding: Speedmax technology to protect the homogeneous molecular structure of the base for perfect wax absorption. Guarantees maximum speed
  • DTG World Cup Cold: Cold grinding finish from the World Cup. The very flat structure is best suited for very cold temperature and particularly fine snow conditions
  • Fischer Carbon Fiber: Multiaxial T300 1K carbon fibre. High strength and minimum weight laminate
  • Gliding Sidewall: Newly introduced World Cup technology is a thin waxable layer on the sidewalls to reduce friction for more speed with less energy. The sliding sidewall can be prepared with liquid wax only
  • Precision Pairing System: Fully automatic dynamic measurements of a multitude of pairing criteria ensures precise ski choice and optimised pairing
  • Prewaxed: Infrared preparation with hot wax. Best gliding properties, protection against dirt and oxidation. Powered by VAUHTI
  • Sidecut World Cup Skate: Arrow-shaped sidecut for improved performance and dynamics especially for the 1:1 skating technique
  • Skating 61K: Special skating race ski construction for maximum speed through even more pressure relief at the ski tip and tail. Perfect on soft snow

Product Info for FISCHER Speedmax 3D Skate 61k Stiff Race Skis N05622

Designed for use in soft snow conditions thanks to pressure relief at the ski tip and tail: The FISCHER Speedmax 3D Skate 61k with the new lower and shorter tip construction for minimum swingweight and highest agility. Built with all the key Speedmax features including Gliding Sidewalls to reduce friction, and Cold Base Bonding, a process that applies the base without heat and pressure for optimal wax absorption and grindability. This model carries the Fischer RACE CODE designation confirming the ski is built to World Cup standards.

Sometimes history is decided by a hundredth of a second or a few millimeters. With this in mind, the Fischer product team designed Speedmax skis, boots, and poles with cutting-edge materials and construction for minimal weight and maximum speed. The Fischer RACE CODE seal is your assurance that Speedmax products are built to World Cup standards.

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Nordic Skiing
176, 181, 186, 191
Speedmax 3D Skate
Product Type:
61k Stiff


Lengths, cm 171, 176, 181, 186, 191
Weight, g 1030/186cm
Base/Climbing Zone World Cup Cold

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