FULL TILT Men B&E Pro Ltd Ski Boots
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FULL TILT Men B&E Pro Ltd Ski Boots

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Features of FULL TILT Men B&E Pro Ltd Ski Boots

  • Pro Wrap: Responsive Power - The Pro Liner's laminate is specifically engineered to provide the most energy transfer to the shell while maintaining warmth in a custom moldable fit
  • J-Bar: An additional j-shaped piece of foam is inserted internally on both sides of the ankle area to dramatically increase ankle hold down, to keep your feet perfectly in place for precise control
  • Power Wrap: An additional layer of ergonomically shaped EVA is wrapped around the outside of the upper liner to increase energy transfer and horsepower to the shell
  • Wide Toe: A thinner foam is used in the front of the liner to increase space without sacrificing control for people with wider feet or who prefer a little more toe room
  • Shock Absorber Boot Board: Soft rubber layer in the sole of the shell absorbs vibrations and impacts for a smooth ride and smooth landings
  • Ladder Buckle: The ladder buckle features an intuitive, easy to remember, macro-size adjustment, plus a micro-twist for fine adjustment with a light, easy-to-handle aluminum lever
  • Tour Hook: Keep your buckles in place without impinging upon the full cuff rotation

Product Info for FULL TILT Men B&E Pro Ltd Ski Boots

The FULL TILT B&E Pro Ltd is a versatile boot, designed off a wider form factor for a comfortable feel. From park laps to big lines, or just cruising around the resort, the moderate 6 flex tongue can work well for a range of skiers.

Full Tilt's new Evolution shell offers the highest volume fit in their range, with a generous 102 millimeter last. It takes Full Tilt's original 3-piece design and reshapes it to a wider fit, so those with larger feet can enjoy a high-performance boot without sacrificing comfort. This shell design – comprised of the lower shell, upper cuff, and tongue – reduce shin bang and makes uncomfortable bite points a thing of the past. Power is transferred directly to the boot through the tongue, whose ribbed design gives a natural progressive flex that doesn't bottom out. Full Tilt has also included their shock absorber boot board, consisting of a soft rubber layer in the sole to help absorb vibrations and impact when landing off side kickers and booters.

This shell also utilises a ladder buckle that features an intuitive macro-size adjustment and an easy-to-use aluminum lever. This, combined with j-bar foam inserts in the liners, ensures that your feet stay put and ensure maximum responsiveness and control over your skis.

The Intuition Pro liners not only help to keep your feet in place but they're also guaranteed to keep your feet warm and comfortable, no matter the conditions. These liners are engineered to be as lightweight as possible while offering maneuverability and retaining warmth. The closed-cell foam naturally moulds to the wearer's feet to create a real custom fit, making these some of the best liners on the market.

Like all Full Tilt boots, the B&E is easy to customise, The hallmark interchangeable ribbed tongue allows you to adjust the flex range of the boot at a moment's notice. This boot comes with a medium/soft 6 flex tongue, but this can easily be swapped out for a softer one for jibby park sessions or a stiffer one for big mountain charging. You can also easily adjust the forward lean (4mm or 8mm) without tools.

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Size Chart
Shell Size Mondo Point EU US
268 22.5 35.5 4.5
277 23 36 5
23.5 37 5.5
282 24 38 6
  24.5 39 6.5
293 25 39.5 7
25.5 40 7.5
301 26 40.5 8
26.5 41.5 8.5
310 27 42 9
27.5 42.5 9.5
318 28 43.5 10
28.5 44 10.5
326 29 44.5 11
29.5 45 11.5
335 30 46 12
30.5 47 12.5
342 31 48 13
31.5 49 14
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