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INTREPID INTERNATIONAL Best Friend Clip On Cribbing Muzzle

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Features of INTREPID INTERNATIONAL Clip On Cribbing Muzzle

  • A gentle and humane alternative for cribbing and chewing
  • Limits unwanted behavior while it allows eating and drinking
  • Four adjustable attachment straps
  • Breakaway feature for safety
  • Padded nose band
  • Lightweight aluminum grill for durability
  • Easy care nylon
  • Available Sizes: Horse, Cob, Pony, Oversize - Large Horse

Product Info for INTREPID INTERNATIONAL Clip On Cribbing Muzzle

The Best Friend Cribbing Muzzle is the kindest way to stop cribbing and chewing! It reduces or eliminates cribbing and/or wood-chewing, chewing blankets, bandages or wounds, chewing other objects, biting other horses, biting themselves, biting people.

All of the smart safety and comfort features you've come to expect from the Best Friend Grazing Muzzle are now available in an Anti-Cribbing Muzzle. Four adjustable attachment straps, breakaway feature for safety, padded nose band, lightweight aluminum grill for durability, easy care nylon. is an authorized Intrepid International dealer

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Size Chart/Specs

Muzzle Size Fits Standard and Cribbing
(Circumference x Depth)
Deluxe and Have-A-Heart
(Circumference x Depth)
Mini Mini Average size mini's 16" x 3" n/a
Mini Large miniatures, Shetlands and weanlings.
200-300 lbs.
18" x 3-1/2" 20" x 5-1/2"
Pony Most average size ponies and yearlings, very small faced horses.
300-500 lbs., 12 hands and under.
20" x 4-1/2" 22" x 5-3/4"
Cob Large ponies, small horses such as Morgans, horses with small faces such as Arabians.
500-800 lbs., 13-14 hands.
22" x 5-1/2" 24" x 7"
Horse Average size horses such as Quarter horses.
800-1100 lbs., 15-16 hands.
24" x 6" 26" x 7-1/2"
Large Horse Warmbloods and large-faced horses.
1100-1600 lbs., 17 hands and over.
26" x 6-1/2" 28" x 8"
Draft Very large breeds such as Percherons, Belgians, etc. n/a 30" x 8"
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Additional Information

Horseback Riding
Product Type:
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