INTREPID INTERNATIONAL Equiderma Sheath Cleaner TAH050
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Intrepid International

INTREPID INTERNATIONAL Equiderma 32oz Horse Sheath Cleaner (TAH050)

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Features of INTREPID INTERNATIONAL Equiderma Sheath Cleaner TAH050

  • 32 ounces of neem equine sheath, udder, and genital cleanser
  • Non soap horse cleanser that rinses away easily
  • Reduces inflammation and provides antioxidant benefits to help soothe delicate tissue
  • Equiderma Neem and Arnica Sheath Cleanser cuts through smegma like a hot knife through butter, making this part of your horse's care infinitely easier
  • Contains: Neem Leaf Tea, Neem Seed Oil, Arnica, Chamomile, Basil, Pine Bark, Cherry Bark
  • Rinses easily
  • Soap free for sensitive skin
  • Size: 32 ounces

Product Info for INTREPID INTERNATIONAL Equiderma Sheath Cleaner TAH050

Intrepid International Equiderma 32oz Horse Sheath, Udder, And Genital Cleanser (TAH050) was developed to gently and quickly melt away smegma from sheath, udder, and genital areas while soothing inflamed and irritated delicate skin. This horse health product is great for sheaths, udders, and genital areas where smegma has collected. It easily loosens, dissolves, and melts smegma off these sensitive areas. It rinses easily and leaves no residue on skin.

A dirty sheath with a buildup of debris from a mixture of dirt and urine can lead to soreness, infection, or urinary problems.

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Horseback Riding
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Horse Cleansers

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