KORKERS BOA M4 160mm Replacement Kit IA7730
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KORKERS BOA M4 160cm Replacement Kit (IA7730)

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KORKERS BOA M4 160cm Replacement Kit (IA7730)
KORKERS BOA M4 160cm Replacement Kit (IA7730)
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KORKERS BOA M4 160cm Replacement Kit (IA7730)
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Features of KORKERS BOA M4 160mm Replacement Kit IA7730

  • All-in-One Replacement Kit: The KORKERS BOA Universal M4 160cm Replacement Lace Kit includes dial, tool, and laces for a hassle-free replacement.
  • Versatile 160cm Lace: The kit features 160cm laces, ensuring compatibility with various footwear sizes.
  • Boa M4 Fit System: Renowned for fast on/off and customizable fit, the Boa M4 system adds efficiency and personalization.
  • Efficient Dial/Tool/Lace Combo: Comprehensive combination ensures a smooth and efficient replacement process.
  • Model-Specific Compatibility: Designed for PV1200, PV600, and Women's Snowmageddon models, ensuring a precise fit.
  • Quick On/Off with Boa M4: Boa M4 system ensures swift on/off, enhancing convenience for outdoor activities.
  • Custom Fit with Boa M4: Achieve a personalized fit by adjusting tension with the Boa M4 system for enhanced comfort.
  • Versatile 160cm Length: 160cm lace accommodates various shoe sizes, providing versatility and flexibility.
  • Complete Replacement Package: All-inclusive kit streamlines the replacement process with Boa M4 fit system, dial, tool, and laces.
  • Reliable Across Terrains: Ideal for diverse terrains and winter conditions, ensuring reliable and durable fit backed by Boa M4 functionality.

Product Info for KORKERS BOA M4 160mm Replacement Kit IA7730

The KORKERS BOA Universal M4 160cm Replacement Lace Kit is your complete solution for revitalizing your footwear's fit system. This M4 Boa Replacement Kit includes a versatile combination of a dial, tool, and laces, providing a seamless replacement experience. With a lace length of 160cm, this kit ensures compatibility with various footwear.

Designed with the renowned Boa M4 fit system, this kit offers a fast and effortless on/off experience, allowing you to customize the fit to your preference. The Boa M4 fit system is known for its reliability and ease of use, providing a secure and personalized fit for your comfort.

This replacement kit is compatible with specific KORKERS models, including PV1200, PV600, and Women's Snowmageddon. Whether you're tackling outdoor adventures or navigating challenging terrains, this kit ensures your footwear maintains optimal performance.

Upgrade your footwear effortlessly with the KORKERS BOA Universal M4 160cm Replacement Lace Kit, backed by the Boa M4 fit system's reputation for durability and functionality. Whether you're hitting the trails or facing winter conditions, this kit ensures your footwear is equipped for the journey ahead.


Korkers is a renowned and innovative brand that has carved a niche for itself in the outdoor footwear industry. Known for its commitment to quality, performance, and versatility, Korkers has been a trusted name among outdoor enthusiasts since its inception.

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