MAXIM Airliner 9.1mm Dynamic Climbing Rope


MAXIM Airliner 9.1mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

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  • Jet Stream 2X-DRY
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  • Jet Stream 2X-DRY
  • Torch 2X-DRY, Bi-Pattern
  • Torch 2X-DRY, Bi-Pattern
  • Torch 2X-DRY, Bi-Pattern
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Features of MAXIM Airliner 9.1mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

  • Super-light rope
  • Skinny climbing rope
  • Very high durability
  • Single, twin and half rope certified
  • Endura DRY 2x-DRY treated
  • Available in regular and bi-pattern version
  • Made in the USA

Product Info for MAXIM Airliner 9.1mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

The Maxim Airliner 9.1mm Dynamic Rope is an ultra-light and skinny lead line. But don't let Airliner's small size and light weight fool you. It does not sacrifice an ounce of performance. It is perfectly suited for quick ascents with long pitches, multi-day climbs or areas with long approaches.

The Airliner is the weapon of choice for the majority of Maxim's climbing team. It is frequently referred to as "The Indestructible Airliner" due to its longevity. If you are looking for a super lightweight, ultra-thin and extremely durable cord, you've found it! One of the best parts is, you'll never have to sweat a long approach again! Save that energy for the climb. This little cord slides through protection with ease and can take a beating without getting sketchy.

The Airliner has the same durability that you have come to expect from Maxim Climbing Ropes. All Airliner Ropes come standard in double dry options with the Endura 2x-DRY treatment which meets the UIAA Certification. Airliner is triple-certified as a single, half and twin rope. Climbing on the airliner is the quickest way to shed some climbing weight, and you will not even have to skip desert.

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Size Chart/Specs

Type Single Rope, Twin Rope, Half Rope
Standards EN 892, UIAA 101
Core Nylon (Polyamide)
Cover Nylon (Polyamide)
Braid 48
Pattern Regular
Weight, g/m / lbs/100 52.1 / 3.5
Max. Impact Force, kN 9.8
Number of Falls 5 - minimum,
5 - average
Elongation 28 - dynamic (%),
6.4 - static (%)
Sheath Slippage, mm 0
Diameter, mm 9.1
Length, m / ft 60 / 200'
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Additional Information

Product Type:
Dynamic Ropes
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