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Sitka Gear: The Ultimate in Hunting Clothing Technology

Established in 2005, Sitka Gear has earned its reputation as a leading trendsetter in the world of performance hunting clothing. Offering more than just stuff to wear during hunts, Sitka Gear ingeniously transforms clothes into essential gear through advanced design principles, cutting-edge technology, and top-tier fabrics.

Sitka Hunting Clothes

Sitka Gear goes beyond producing random camouflage items; it creates comprehensive hunting clothing systems based on layering principles. These clothing systems range from early-season moisture-wicking garments built for stalking deer in hot, dry weather to cold-weather waterproof apparel designed to keep you warm on a cold day on a treestand. And let's not forget the equally impressive Sitka women's collections.

Sitka Base Layer Shirts & Underwear

Base layer plays a crucial role in managing body temperature through moisture-wicking. Sitka shirts and underwear employ advanced fabric technologies that actively pull sweat away from the skin, spreading it across the surface of the garment for rapid evaporation. This ensures you stay dry even during periods of high exertion. In addition, midweight and heavyweight base layers are also engineered to regulate body temperature by providing thermal insulation while still maintaining breathability. The result is a comfortable and dry hunting experience, even during the most strenuous activity.

Sitka Hoodies & Fleece Jackets

Sitka offers hoodies and fleece jackets that serve as the perfect mid-layer in hunting clothing. These garments have the versatility to be worn as an outer layer in warmer weather or be integrated into the system for insulation during late-season hunts. They provide excellent insulation, capturing and retaining your body heat while still allowing for breathability.

Sitka Jackets, Pants & Waders

Outer layer is designed to serve as your shield against the elements, whether that's cold weather, rain, or rugged terrain. Sitka hunting jackets, which come in a variety of options including down-insulated for superior warmth and rain jackets for ultimate waterproof protection, along with their robust pants and waders, are specifically crafted to offer maximum durability and protection.

Sitka Camo

Sitka Gore Optifade Concealment is a groundbreaking approach to hunting camouflage that uses advanced animal vision science, camouflage science, and computer technology. Unlike traditional mimicry camouflage that attempts to make the hunter blend into the environment, Sitka Optifade camo aims to make the hunter unrecognizable as a predator to the animal. It achieves this by incorporating both micro and macro patterns found in nature.

For instance, the Open Country pattern emphasizes the macro-pattern for concealment at greater distances, while the Elevated II pattern maximizes the micro-pattern using Vertical Effect Compensation to counteract the easy detection by prey in tree-filled environments. Essentially, the Elevated II pattern employs shading and colorization to blend into the forest canopy, similar to how a wine stain is less noticeable on a paisley shirt than on a striped one.

Sitka Hunting Gear & Accessories

Sitka Backpacks & Bags

In addition to clothing, Sitka also offers high-quality gear packs. These include waterproof backpacks for waterfowling, big-game mountain backpacks, blind bags, and harnesses, all designed with the same commitment to quality and functionality.

Sitka Clothing Accessories

Sitka clothing accessories include hats, caps, neck warmers, masks, gloves, and gaiters. Just like the brand’s clothing and gear, these accessories are designed with the hunter's needs in mind, providing comfort, functionality, and style for any hunting expedition.