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Winter Sports

Every season is special in its own way. Some people treat it as the desired respite from lingering autumn rains, some sadly watch vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows of the fall being buried below the monochrome snowy cover. However, the winter landscape is no less colorful than the autumn one. Some languages have dozens of words to denote different shades of white, for their users have been surrounded by snow all their life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And indeed, winter is a sight to behold.

Winter and summer enjoy their respective kinds of sports. Winter sports include competitive sport and recreational activities played on either ice or snow. In former times, they could only be played during the winter, but artificial snow and ice have allowed us to enjoy these sports all year round. Most of them are variations of skiing, ice skating, and sledding. 

Like every other kind of physical activity, winter sports require special gear. Gritr Outdoors is happy to provide you with all winter sports equipment one might look for. 

Winter Clothing

First things first, it is going to be cold. No snow or ice can withstand warmer temperatures, so it is up to you to keep yourself warm. Winter jackets and pants will be the first to take the frosty hit. Gloves will ensure that your hands won’t freeze, as you need something to hold poles with. Winter boots will keep you from touching the snow with your bare feet, an activity far from being as pleasant as walking barefoot after the rain. Finally, underwear is your last line of defense against turning into a once warm-blooded creature. When two pants and three sweaters are not enough, underwear is a great way to retain your body temperature. 


Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about winter sports, unless you are an ice skater or snowboarder, of course. Unfortunately, there is no doing it without skiing gear. Fortunately, we can help you with that problem. Different styles of skiing require different skis. We have both nordic and alpine skis for you to choose from. Ski boots will save your pretty pair of regular winter boots from potential damage and provide a secure fixation to your skis. Ski poles to help you push through the snow and ski bindings to never let your feet go. Unless you loosen them. With a pair of good ski goggles, no snow or sun glare shall hinder your vision.


One piece is easier to carry than two (unless you acquire a ski bag). We take no sides in ski vs. snowboard confrontation, we only sell them both.

Ski helmets

You might want to keep your most important body part safe. Ski helmets can be worn anytime you feel like it, but are particularly helpful when doing all kinds of winter sports. 

You can also use all of this equipment during ski mountaineering. If you are more willing to conquer the peak before riding it, well, consider buying something from the things listed above, including mountaineering boots. And a climbing rope, those we have as well.


Whether you are a seasoned figure skater or a novice excited about their first time on ice, a good pair of ice skates is your best partner for skating. Be it an ice rink or a frozen lake (deep-frozen, better safe than sorry), no ice skating can happen without these bladed fellows. 

Gritr Outdoors has a huge collection of winter sports equipment to meet your every need. Snow gear for women and men, as well as mountaineering gear, all of this you can find here.