XLAB Delta 200 System 1676


XLAB Delta 200 System (1676)

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  • XLAB Delta 200 System (1676)
  • XLAB Delta 200 System (1676)
  • XLAB Delta 200 System (1676)
  • XLAB Delta 200 System (1676)
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Features of XLAB Delta 200 System 1676

  • Carry your spare bottle the aero way, tucked behind you
  • Complete single bottle hydration system
  • Delta 200 comes equipped with the world championship-winning Gorilla Cage with 10 lb of grip and 4 color options
  • Special cage design is funnel shaped allowing for easy insertion of your bottle
  • Carry your repair with the optional Multi-Strike Repair Holder
  • Fits most standard saddles

Product Info for XLAB Delta 200 System 1676

Standard frame-mounted bottles have high aerodynamic drag, so place your bottle at the rear instead. The Delta 200 is mounted on the saddle rails for no measurable drag.

Use the Delta 200 System to refill a front drink system. Just bring the spare bottle forward from the Delta and refill. If you have the popular XLAB Torpedo aerobar mounted system then simply replace the empty front bottle with the spare bottle from the Delta.

This system is also ideal for longer training rides or Century rides, where an extra bottle is necessary so you can have your favorite mix with you at all times.

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Size Chart/Specs

Material Proprietary composite mount,
Carbon Fiber cage
Weight, oz 3.8 w/ Mount, hardware and cage
Includes Delta 200 Nylon Matrix Composite Chassis
Gorilla carbon fiber cage with 10 lb of grip force
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Additional Information

Delta 200
Product Type:
Water Bottles & Cages
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