ANDERSEN Trailer Jack Block 2-PAK with magnets 3608-M-2
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Andersen Manufacturing

ANDERSEN Trailer Jack Block 2-PAK with magnets (3608-M-2)

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ANDERSEN Trailer Jack Block 2-PAK with magnets (3608-M-2)
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Features of ANDERSEN Trailer Jack Block 2-PAK with magnets 3608-M-2

  • Less stress on your RV or Trailer
  • Eliminates nearly all movement and sway in parked RV's and Trailers
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Powerful built-in magnets for easy set up!
  • Resists dirt, grime and oil
  • Rated at 6,000 lbs (single block) and 1,500 lbs (double-stack)
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 8" tall, 12" dia. base, 10" dia. top (14" tall when double-stacked)
  • Recessed pad area is 9-1/8" diameter, recessed post-hole is 2-1/2" diameter
  • Each block weighs 5.3 lbs

Product Info for ANDERSEN Trailer Jack Block 2-PAK with magnets 3608-M-2

Meet the updated Trailer Jack Block from Andersen Manufacturing.

NEW VERSION NOW HAS BUILT-IN MAGNETS! Faster and more convenient then ever!

STABILIZE YOUR RV OR TRAILER! The Andersen 'Trailer Jack Block' eliminates nearly all of the movement in your parked RV or Trailer!
You will be amazed how solid everything is when using the Trailer Jack Block with your stabilizer jacks!
LESS STRESS! Using the Trailer Jack block under your jack(s) means your jack doesn't need to extend down as far, saving on wear and tear over time.
And because the jack doesn't need to extend fully, there's less stress on it from movement - it's a win-win for RVs and Trailers (and your pocket book)!
With our new version you have built-in magnets so you can simply attach each Trailer Jack Block to the bottom of your stabilizer and hit auto-level - no need to check and adjust each block! Super-fast and super-convenient!
The Trailer Jack Block is extremely strong and durable -and resists dirt and oil.
The blocks are stackable for extra height and can even double as seats or step-stools (Note: do not stack more than two high).
The Trailer Jack Block from Andersen Hitches is 100% made in the USA and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY It's built tough and built to last!

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Trailer Jack Block
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Towing Accessories
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Product Reviews

  • 5

    Worth purchasing

    Posted by Malachy Puckett on Mar 18th 2022

    This Trailer Jack Block saves your time and efforts. Built-in magnets, strong and durable. Works great.

  • 5

    Absolute love

    Posted by Huxley Craig on Mar 2nd 2022

    I love these blocks since they stabilize jacks in a proper way. Solid and durable, I am sure i wll use them for as long as I want.


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