ATOMIC AQUATIC SV1 Flex Clear Black Snorkel 06-0120-00

Atomic Aquatic

ATOMIC AQUATIC SV1 Flex Clear/Black Snorkel (06-0120-00)

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Features of ATOMIC AQUATIC SV1 Flex Clear Black Snorkel 06-0120-00

  • Scupper Valve (SV) design is self-draining and delivers crisp, effortless clearing
  • Posi-lock flex retainer secures flex section and mouthpiece
  • Dual silicone mouthpiece prevents over-clenching of teeth that would restrict air flow
  • Rotational mouthpiece with ratchet indicators
  • Conical flared top for high performance breathing
  • Quick disconnect snorkel keeper includes 30 degree rotation
  • Sliding snorkel keeper range adjuster allows for accurate placement without constant re-adjusting each dive

Product Info for ATOMIC AQUATIC SV1 Flex Clear Black Snorkel 06-0120-00

The ATOMIC AQUATIC SV1 Flex Snorkel combines comfort and style with ease of breathing. The SV1 Flex is designed with a conical flared top with flex lower section to deliver maximum airflow. Any water trapped below the mouthpiece is easily cleared with a small burst of exhaled air, and the internal tube airway remains dry even if water enters the top. Also available with contour lower section.

Atomic Aquatics only designs and releases new products that they truly believe redefine a category and solve a diver need. Did something as simple as the snorkel really require new thinking? Well... yes. More and more divers were choosing to enter the water without a snorkel because the size, unwieldiness and poor performance just wasn't worth the hassle. Yet, the use of a snorkel during a dive can help you save precious air while hanging on the anchor line waiting to descend. There are numerous situations where a dependable, high-performance snorkel is a valuable dive tool. The Atomic Aquatics SV Series truly redefines how a snorkel works and helps divers extend their adventure.

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Clear, Black
SV1 Flex
Product Type:
Diving Snorkels
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