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Beretta Hunting Clothing

The fingers of one hand are enough to count manufacturers that can compete with Beretta in terms of experience. Slowly approaching its 500th anniversary, the brand marches on in the first ranks of the industry’s army but is nevertheless nowhere near idly resting on its laurels. Since the time crafters worked their miracles in guilds, Beretta has been building up its proficiency, first solely in firearm- and component manufacturing fields, gradually expanding to encompass other related spheres. 

Today, Beretta is known in a broad array of communities, from hunters and target shooters to outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. The brand won over millions of hearts across the world, for its technical excellence is second to none, and its Italian charm is bursting from every product the company manufactures. Be it an amber-colored leather holster, pretty as a picture; a fancy-looking trucker hat, bearing the mark of Beretta’s quality; a do-it-all folding knife with the number of implementations limited only by the user’s fantasy; or a simple umbrella offering as much as one might want from an umbrella - Beretta can do it all, and does so as befits a real professional. 

While the brand’s primary focus doesn’t fall under Gritr Outdoor’s specialty, Beretta's products are nevertheless widely represented on our website. As the name suggests, here you’ll find everything you might need for a hunting trip. Everything that Beretta produces, that is. The memorable three-arrow logo embellishes almost every product you’ll find in the following categories, meaning each item is sure to serve you long and faithfully. If the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation speaks to you, please, come take a look.



Beretta Men’s Clothing
Men's clothing is listed in the top positions of Beretta’s specialty roster. The tri-arrow-marked apparel is known for a variety of features: attention to detail, quality stitching and high-grade materials. Apart from that, it hits the bullseye when it comes to functionality. Beretta's clothing path splits into two separate roads: hunting apparel and regular clothing.

If you wanted to dress head-to-toe in Beretta’s hunting clothing, the only thing you’d be missing is footwear. The brand can meet the rest of your needs without any issues, though. Their line of men's hunting clothing is extensive and includes anything a hunter might need for their trip. There are jackets, vests, shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, pants, shorts, bibs, waders, gloves, socks - basically, anything you can put on. 

The Beretta jacket family includes garments designed for a variety of weather conditions. Lighter jackets are made from more breathable fabrics and are well-suited for warmer days, whereas the insulated ones focus on warmth-retention - a feature indispensable for cold winter hunts. Vests are lightweight alternatives that can give you just enough warmth not to feel the chill of the wind. 

Beretta’s shirts and T-shirts boast enviable versatility: be it a hunting trip, or a casual outing, they look equally in place. The same goes for hoodies and pullovers, at least those that aren’t patterned after fall forest landscape. Short sleeve and long sleeve shirts make for great base layers. Hoodies and pullovers can be used for either outer layers on warmer days or mid-layers in winter.

Beretta’s pants, bibs, and waders do what jackets do, only for the lower part of your body. They offer the same level of breathability and insulation (with model-dependent variations) and comparable protection from the elements. Bibs and waders also offer unparalleled protection from water - the majority of them are waterproof.


Beretta Women’s Clothing 
For all the huntresses who aren't ready to settle for anything less than excellence, the line of Beretta women’s clothing would be a discovery most fulfilling. Worthy to compete with products of brands that focus solely on hunting apparel, Beretta hunting clothing for women stands the critique of even the most seasoned game pursuers. 

It’s perfectly possible to compile a complete hunting outfit using solely clothes produced by Beretta. The brand manufactures a wide variety of garments, from jackets and vests to socks and gloves. Beretta’s line of women’s clothing is yet another example of the brand living up to its reputation. Providing both exemplary performance and sought-after comfort, these clothes bring the hunting experience to a new level. They might not be capable of luring your prey or improving your accuracy, but when it comes to keeping you fresh, warm, or protected from the elements, Beretta clothing for women sets the bar.

Beretta has created a versatile range of jackets and shirts perfect for any outdoor endeavor, but those with a passion for hunting may benefit from it the most. If you dress up for warm weather, lightweight jackets with breathable fabrics provide lighter protection from the elements, while insulated varieties protect you from the biting cold. Vests are even more lightweight alternatives for those looking to ward off chill without adding bulk or heat-trapping layers. 

Beretta women’s shirt options – both long and short-sleeved - together with hoodies and pullovers are another matter of pride for Beretta. They fit several dressing styles, starting from workouts and runs and finishing with forest outings. Shirts work as great base layers; meanwhile, hoodies and pullovers can serve as either mid or outer layers, depending on the weather.


Beretta Hunting Gear
Since we’ve already dealt with the apparel section, it’s time to take a look at the hunting gear itself. Beretta produces several types of goods that might come in very handy during hunting trips. From folding knives to tactical backpacks and rifle cases, Beretta has something that might pique the interest of hunters avid and beginning.

Beretta’s folding knives are made from high-grade stainless steel and feature ergonomic handles for superior grip and control. The blades are highly resistant to corrosion and provide razor-sharp cutting performance, which makes them a true asset for any outdoor activity. Some models also feature screwdrivers and bottle openers, so if you want a bit more functionality from your folding knife, Beretta can give it to you.

The tri-arrow-marked packs and bags provide the needed storage space in a manner most unencumbered for the wearer. The brand’s tactical backpacks are lightweight yet strong enough to carry essential hunting gear. They come in several sizes and configurations, so you can find the form that meets your preferences. There are always multiple compartments and adjustable straps, so you can get a more customized and personal fit.

Beretta also makes rifle cases that offer superior protection for your firearms. Waterfowl hunters will especially benefit from using one, as damp air is not exactly among the firearm’s best friends. These cases are made from robust materials like nylon and polyester, which provide excellent protection against scratches, dents, and other damage. The interior is lined with soft foam padding to keep your rifle safe during transport or storage. If you need a place that ensures the safety of your gun during your trips, Beretta gun cases are well worth your consideration.

Beretta Shooting Gear
Beretta is renowned for producing a broad array of shooting gear. If there is anything you want to pamper your gun with, Beretta has quite a number of options. For example, the brand has multiple lines of gun holsters, offering a wide selection of carry styles to suit any need. From hip and shoulder holsters to waist holders for concealed carry, Beretta has it all. There are two primary holster materials: leather and thermo-formed nylon. With Beretta holsters, you can rest assured that your firearm will be safe and comfortable no matter where you go.

Beretta also produces magazine pouches, so you can always carry the extra ammo. The series includes one-mag pouches and those with compartments for multiple magazines. With a water-resilient synthetic fiber exterior, these pouches make sure no water shall find its way to your gun. They are designed to be lightweight yet durable, provide secure access and sit comfortably. With Beretta mag pouches you can reload your weapon more quickly while making sure your extra magazines stay in place. The adjustable tension on most models ensures that the mags won't fall out.

Beretta range gear is the perfect choice for any shooting enthusiast. From bags and hard cases to earmuffs and shooting glasses, Beretta has everything you need to make your next trip to the range as comfortable as possible. The range bags are made specifically to hold the equipment usually taken to the shooting range, whereas cartridge bags are designed to house several ammo boxes. Beretta’s earmuffs provide superior hearing protection, and their shooting glasses offer superior eye protection that range shooters need. With Beretta's commitment to quality, you can trust that their range gear will last for many a year.

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