CIRCLE Y Gentle Guide Bit 374

Circle Y

CIRCLE Y Gentle Guide Bit (374)

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Features of CIRCLE Y Gentle Guide Bit 374

  • Gentle Bit
  • 5" Mouth
  • Unique Cheeks
  • 2-Piece Mouthpiece
  • Encouraged Turns and Flexion
  • Slight Gag Action
  • Smooth Snaffle
  • Copper Mouth for Increased Salivation

Product Info for CIRCLE Y Gentle Guide Bit 374

The REINSMAN Gentle Guide Bit is a great starter bit or transition bit. The unique cheeks offer similar advantages to a full cheek snaffle. Yet, this bit is even more gentle! The wider cheek disperses pressure across the horse's face to encourage turns and flexion instead of at a single concentrated point like the full cheek. The slight gag action makes this bit slower than a traditional full cheek because it takes the mouthpiece longer to engage. The smooth snaffle is a nice average diameter and the copper causes the horse to salivate making for a softer more supple mouth.

Stage B is all about transition, with the introduction of leverage and curb pressure. Short shanked bits and half-gags comprise Stage B.

Reinsman products are designed with the needs of riders in mind. Every detail is overseen with the utmost care, and new releases are carefully researched and tested before release. This allows us to stand behind our products with confidence and provide strong warranties.

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Size Chart/Specs

Bit Style Gag Action
Bit Stage Stage B (Transitional - Switching between neck and direct reining)
Mouth Size, in 5"
Mouth Diameter, in 3/8"
Mouth Material Copper
Mouth Type 2-Piece, Gag Action, Smooth
Horse Size Horse
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Additional Information

Horseback Riding
Gentle Guide
Product Type:
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