CIRCLE Y Josey Long Shank Combination Bit 0130-0000

Circle Y

CIRCLE Y Josey Long Shank Combination Bit (0130-0000)

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Features of CIRCLE Y Josey Long Shank Combination Bit 0130-0000

  • Unique design helps correct a horse that drops his shoulder in turns
  • 3-piece twisted wire with dog bone snaffle mouthpiece
  • Rope noseband balances horse in turns
  • Distributes pressure evenly
  • Comfortable

Product Info for CIRCLE Y Josey Long Shank Combination Bit 0130-0000

The REINSMAN Y Josey Long Shank Combination Bit is similar to the Million Dollar bit, but features more control and leverage from the 7" shanks. Helps to correct the horse that drops a shoulder in the turn. You can lift and move the shoulder to keep a horse from hitting barrels or poles. Pressure on the nose and jaw offers collection, rate, and whoa. Use this bit for a rider that needs a little more control or a high-powered speed horse.

Remember: it is important to start with the lightest bit possible and progress from there. It's more difficult to move backward.

When your horse enters Stage E he's asking for some time with the pros. These are correction bits and should be used by experienced riders only. Here tiny twists, very high ports, and highly complex mouthpieces are key components.

Reinsman products are designed with the needs of riders in mind. Every detail is overseen with the utmost care, and new releases are carefully researched and tested before release. This allows us to stand behind our products with confidence and provide strong warranties.

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Size Chart/Specs

Bit Style Combination
Bit Stage Stage E (Correction - Specialized and complex bits)
Mouth Size 5" Mouth
Mouth Diameter 5/16"
Mouth Type 3-Piece, Dogbone, Twisted
Nose Type Rope Nose
Endorsed By Martha Josey - Ty Mitchell
Horse Size Horse
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Additional Information

Horseback Riding
Product Type:
Long Shank
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