CIRCLE Y Stride Right Stage C Bit 798
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CIRCLE Y Stride Right Stage C Bit (798)

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CIRCLE Y Stride Right Stage C Bit (798)
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CIRCLE Y Stride Right Stage C Bit (798)
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Features of CIRCLE Y Stride Right Stage C Bit 798

  • The 798 Stride Right Stage C Bit by Reinsman combines the Modified Billy Allen design with advanced features for precise control and communication
  • Bit Stage: Classified as Stage C, suitable for riders adept at neck reining techniques and horses responsive to poll pressure
  • Cheeks: Features 7 1/2" Flat Cheeks, providing appropriate leverage and stability during riding sessions
  • Mouth Size: Equipped with a 5 1/4" mouthpiece, offering ample room for comfortable placement in the horse's mouth
  • Mouth Diameter: The mouthpiece diameter measures 1/2", ensuring optimal comfort and fit for most horses
  • Mouth Material: Constructed with copper, encouraging salivation and promoting a soft, supple mouth for enhanced responsiveness
  • Mouth Type: Incorporates the Billy Allen design with a smooth surface, ideal for horses with low palates and sensitive mouths
  • Versatility: Suitable for various riding disciplines, including penning, cutting, reining, trail riding, and gaited horse activities
  • Precise Cueing: Reinsman's Golden Glide bushings enhance cheek movement, allowing for precise cues and subtle adjustments during riding
  • Ergonomic Design: The bit's center barrel restricts excessive movement, preventing discomfort for the horse while ensuring effective communication between horse and rider

Product Info for CIRCLE Y Stride Right Stage C Bit 798


Combined with the Modified Billy Allen it is easy to isolate each side of the horse's mouth for lift, bend, flex, and collection. Reinsman's Golden Glide bushings further enhance the smoothness of the independent cheek movement allowing for more precise cues. Copper causes the horse to salivate to create a soft, supple mouth.

This Circle Y Stride Right Stage C Bit (798) is very versatile, making this a great choice for any style of riding. The center barrel has limited movement preventing the bit from scissoring down into the tongue or up into the palate, but has plenty of rotation. The copper increases salivation for a more supple mouth. And the sharp-looking 7 1/2" Flat Cheeks add the right amount of leverage.

From penners, cutters, and reiners, to trail riders and gaited horses, the Stride Right is easily accepted by all. The 1/2" Copper Modified Billy Allen is a great all around mouthpiece and the perfect choice for a horse with a low palate. Reinsman's Modified Billy Allen has more mullen relief than the standard Billy Allen giving it an ergonomic fit resulting in soft and even pressure across the tongue, bars and lips.

Designed for Stage C riders, this bit caters to those who prefer neck reining techniques. Horses responsive to poll pressure find Stage C bits particularly suitable. Noteworthy features include robust mouthpieces and cheek attachments, along with swivel cheeks offering versatility through jointed mouthpieces or ports ranging from low to medium height.


With an endless supply of tack to choose from, it's often difficult to know which items provide the most value to your ride. Whether you're on the trail or in high-level competition, Reinsman supports your ride with top-of-the-line tack that ensures you're always ready for anything.


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Horseback Riding
Stride Right
Product Type:
Copper for Mouth Piece


Brand Reinsman
Bit Style Curb
Bit Stage Stage C
Mouth Material Copper
Mouth Type Billy Allen, Smooth
Cheeks, in 7 1/2"
Mouth Size, in 5 1/4"
Mouth Diameter, in 1/2"
Horse Size Horse

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