DUMONDE TECH Liquid Grease
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Dumonde Tech

DUMONDE TECH Liquid Grease

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DUMONDE TECH Liquid Grease
DUMONDE TECH Liquid Grease
DUMONDE TECH Liquid Grease
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Features of DUMONDE TECH Liquid Grease

  • High performance replacement for traditional viscosity grease
  • Reduces the coefficient of friction through Polymer Technology
  • Polymerizes and bonds to the surface providing extremely low drag
  • Liquid Grease is attracted to heat to provide lubrication at critical locations
  • Highly recommended for steel and ceramic cartridge bearing
  • Eliminates drag that grease packed bearing experience for a drag free bearing, even in the freezing temperatures
  • Ideal for suspension fork legs, full suspension pivots, wheel bearings and roller bearing
  • Can be used as a chain lube for very extreme muddy conditions of mountian bike and cyclocross

Product Info for DUMONDE TECH Liquid Grease

When you've tapped into your last reserves, you want to know that two familiar bike foes, stiction and drag, haven't claimed more than their fair share of your energy.
Dumonde Tech's Liquid Grease's Polymer Technology combats stiction and drag by bonding with the surfaces of critical components, such as suspension fork legs, pivots, cables, and both steel and ceramic cartridge bearings.In these places, you want a lighter grease that's slippery, but not too sticky, and Liquid Grease is a good choice.
Additionally, it's attracted to the heat created by friction, so it clings best to the areas where it's needed most.Dumonde Tech Liquid Grease comes in 2oz and 4oz bottles.

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Chain Lubes
Bicycle Components

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