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Uncompromising Quality: Get The Most Out Of Every Hunt With Pnuma

The thrill that permeates your heart the moment you spot that king of a whitetail is hard to confuse with any other feeling. Pnuma took that exhilaration and cast it into material form, bringing many a line of hunting apparel into being. Only a hunter knows what a hunter needs, that’s one of the core principles of this Texan brand. As such, Pnuma spares no effort to design quality hunting clothing, then tests the hell out of it to ensure it meets the standard, and then some more, just to make sure. What we receive after such rigorous selection is apparel, tenacious and persevering, fit to serve hunters who possess the same qualities. Whether you’re in the market for reliable protection for cold weather hunts or performance-oriented apparel, silent as night, Pnuma’s got your back. With its full line of uncompromising outdoor apparel and accessories. With advanced technology built into every piece of clothing they make, Pnuma is sure to live up to the trust one is ready to put in it.

Pnuma Lifestyle clothing

Unparalleled Comfort 

Pnuma Outdoors hunting clothing is designed to provide superior comfort and style few other brands can offer. The company’s policy in that regard is relatively simple. Set your expectations high, and if you don’t find something that meets them, create something that will. That approach has contributed to brand’s developing expertise that paved Pnuma’s way toward the forefront of the industry. With innovative fabrics and design techniques, the brand ensures that their clothing is as comfortable as it can possibly be.

The brand has developed several proprietary technologies that bring a unique touch to their apparel. However, there are also time-tested classics that work equally well wherever they’re used. Many of Pnuma’s garments feature breathable wicking technology that makes apparel close to being smart. With this feature, clothing pushes moisture outward to evaporate when it’s hot and keeps your body warm when the temperature drops. As such, many garments boast versatility, sought after by everyone looking to make the most of one purchase.

Even though any search, however scrupulous, for Pnuma’s clothing that isn’t comfortable would bear no results, we can’t but mention the brand’s Lifestyle Collection. The whole idea of the collection is to showcase the love for the outdoors and look good while doing so. The line includes many T-shirts and headwear pieces as well as several jackets and vests that put comfort on the top of the features list.

Pnuma Late Season Collection

All-Weather Gear

Protection from the elements is one of the basic functions of clothing, so it comes as no surprise hunting apparel should meet the same criteria. After all, both heat and cold often become major obstacles in a hunter's way. Pnuma utilizes a wide array of fabrics and materials together with Pnuma-exclusive apparel technologies to address the issues weather may throw at your face.

The first element that clothing needs to confront is water. To make apparel highly resistant to moisture, Pnuma implements proprietary HydroWick fabric. Knitted with hollow, porous fibers, this material boasts moisture-wicking qualities far superior to that of traditional fibers. The DWR finish, added to the shell fabric of hunting jackets and pants, further boosts its water-repellent qualities helping to prevent the outer layer from becoming saturated with water.

The second element whose influence should be curtailed is cold. The proprietary Pnumagrid quilted outer shell combined with 3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation retains the warmth at your core, making sure no frost can pierce through its defenses. However, the crown jewel of Pnuma’s apparel collection, mined firsthand from the innovation vein, is undoubtedly the Heated Core line.

Instead of the traditional warmth-retaining approach, Pnuma chose a different path for its Heated Core collection. It incorporates elements that bring it close to futuristic exosuits. All garments featured in this collection offer trailblazing next-to-skin warmth thanks to undetectable carbon fiber heating elements located in various parts of the garment. Creating warmth instead of simply retaining it - that’s the mainstay of the Heated Core series. What is more, such innovative performance comes without any repercussions.

There is no bulk, often associated with high-performance insulation - Heated Core garments ensure your freedom of movement isn’t hampered in any way. You do need to fuel these suits, though - with a rechargeable 7.4V Lithium-ion battery that comes in the bundle. When not powered, Heated Core garments work as exceptional base layers due to their high breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Two-for-one deals are always the sweetest, and this one is too good to pass.

The pinnacle of Pnuma’s ingenuity, this series assembled all the technologies implemented in other products of the brand. Some of them have already been mentioned, and some of them are yet to make their entrance.

Pnuma Early Season Collection

Maximum Mobility

We mentioned that the Heated Core series boasts exceptional maneuverability, but saying that this feature is exclusive to the collection would be far from the truth. Pnuma's IconX Zone Tech fabric supports essential muscle groups and improves blood circulation without imposing any limitations on the wearer’s maneuverability. The 4-way stretch fabric is engineered for a maximum range of motion, allowing you to move freely without feeling restricted. This material is used in many garments from the Early and Late Season collections designed specifically for whitetail pursuers. The two series are the most numerous in Pnuma’s portfolio and can serve as great examples of the brand’s innovative techniques.

Unrivaled Support

The major advantages of Pnuma’s hunting apparel are already covered. We’ve figured out how Pnuma keeps its customers warm/ cool and comfortable without restricting their movement. The complete list of benefits, however, is much longer than that. Hunting apparel produced by this brand offers a plethora of supporting features that make for finest additions to an already impressive kit. First to meet the eye are camo patterns.

The brand is no stranger to breakup camo pattern technologies, as befits the company that focuses on apparel for whitetail hunting. Caza Camo Tech excels at obscuring the shape of the wearer’s body from ever-perceptive deer regardless of the distance. It incorporates large regions of light and dark patterns, distorting the shape when looking from afar. Short-distance obscurement is equally well-performing, with the scattering of small to medium-sized elements concealing the wearer's figure when looked at closely. Pnuma’s camo pattern won’t make you undetectable, but it surely can fool the game’s perception long enough for you to make your move.

Deer’s sense of smell is stronger than that of dogs, so odor control is also listed among Pnuma’s focus features. The task is very ambitious, as deer can smell from a mile away, given the wind blows in the right direction, and precluding this advantage is not an easy task. To minimize the smell, Pumas uses merino wool, known for its odor control properties, together with SilverStrike antimicrobial agent, that stops the growth of microorganisms on clothing and other textiles. The duo is joined by Polygiene OdorCrunch anti-odor treatment by capturing, ‘crunching’ and removing odors using silica particles.

Pnuma Caza Camo Collection

Quality Guaranteed

We are nearing the end of the pros list, and it’s time to wrap things up. Pnuma has much to offer - that is now obvious. But how long can these clothes serve you? How well will Pnuma’s hunting apparel pass the test of time and wear? To ensure clothing’s longevity, Pnuma resorts to the proven durability of polyester and nylon. With reinforcements in the areas most prone to wear, removable knee pads for extra comfort and protection and increased general robustness of fabrics, Pnuma’s hunting apparel is sure to serve you faithfully for many a year. Whatever the collection you choose: the Lifestyle, the Solids, Late Season, Early Season, Heated Core or Caza Camouflage - garments from every single one passed the test of time with flying colors.


As you can see, Pnuma understands the needs of hunters and provides exceptional solutions. The brand’s apparel collection makes use of a wide array of innovative technologies, from breathable fabric to odor control agents, proprietary camo patterns and heating elements to maximize performance. The final result? You receive a reliable companion in the face of apparel that will help you in any situation. With Pnuma, you are always well-prepared for your next whitetail pursuit. If you’re looking for hunting apparel that won’t let you down, look no further, for Pnuma's got your back.

Mar 22nd 2023 Gritr Outdoors

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