GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)


GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)

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  • GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)
  • GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)
  • GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)
  • GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)
  • GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)
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Features of GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)

  • Blue Mirage Technology - The Goodr blue light blocking lense definitely blocks blue light. The jury is out on whether blue light actually hurts our eyes or not, but who cares? You look important in these, so go ahead and block those nasty blue light rays
  • No Slip - Goodr's lightly-textured silicone earpieces use the goodr Cat Tongue Technology to offer enhanced protection against slippage
  • No Bounce - Goodr's frame is crafted to be feather-weight, yet snug, with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing when running
  • Full Armor - UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • No Spoiled Easter Eggs - No one wearing goodrs with Blue Mirage Technology has ever left a dyed egg out past its expiration date. They have, however, ruined many in-game surprises for people

Product Info for GOODR Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses (BFG-YL-CLBM-PC)

Is blue light bad for your eyes? That's a trick question. We have no idea. But SOME scientists say it causes eye strain, fatigue, headaches & tail growth. So just to be safe, Goodr made the Citron+Alt+Delete Sunglasses with the ability to block blue light.

Do you want to hit remake, reboot, refresh and revive? Do you want brutal belligerent bellicose butt-ugly bad bad bad blue light to back off from bombarding your beautiful brain? Then you'll love Citron-Alt-Delete! It counters, cancels, conquers, and kung-fu kicks all that kooky cruel corrupt cantankerous blue light! Best of all, the snake oil comes free!

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