LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera 19160
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LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera (19160)

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LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera (19160)
LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera (19160)
LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera (19160)
LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera (19160)
LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera (19160)
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Features of LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera 19160

  • Simple and fun to use while allowing visual creativity
  • Compact body with menu navigation and icons designed by Leica Camera
  • Dedicated accessories
  • Excitement of seeing an image develop / appear near-instantaneously
  • Satisfaction of holding and sharing a physical, tangible image
  • Leica Instant film packs available in both Color and Monochrom
  • Optical viewfinder for simple and easy composition
  • Several camera shooting modes such as "party", "self-portrait", "sport" or "macro" are available
  • Not Sold in Canada

Product Info for LEICA Sofort Red Instant Film Camera 19160

The Leica Sofort Red takes the vibrantly unique instant film camera and amplifies its bold design with a lovely red color contrasting against its black leatherette. The Leica Sofort Red matches all the same technical capabilities as all previously released Sofort cameras.

In automatic mode, the Leica SOFORT uses the available light as long as possible without switching on the built-in flash. The gives images an authentic and natural look. In addition to Auto, Party, People, Sports, Action, Macro, and Creative programs for double and long exposure, the Leica SOFORT offers a self-portrait program and a self-timer with two different shutter speeds. For best results, the camera automatically adjusts various parameters such as shutter speed and aperture to the selected program. The triggering of the flash can be either automatic or intentionally activated or deactivated depending on the intention. For a lighter composition of self-portraits, the Leica INSTANT offers a rectangular mirror on the front. The focusing distance of the Leica SOFORT can be adjusted independently of the selected program mode. Depending on the standard or remote setting and the selected program, the camera offers additional creative freedom when taking photos.

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Product Type:
Film Cameras


Camera Type Instant camera
Picture Format 62 x 46mm
Film Type Leica instant film pack: 10 shots, color or monochrom, instax-mini format, speed ISO 800
Aperture/Focal Length 60mm f/12.7 (34mm in 35Mm equiv.)
Filter 3 Focus Steps: 0,3 - 0,6 m (Macro)/0,6 - 3 m (close range)/3 m - infinity (far range)
Shutter Speed 1/8 - 1/400 sec. (mechanical shutter)
Viewfinder Optical real image viewfinder 0,37x with target spot and parallax compensation for macro mode
Mode Dial/Mode Button Automatic, Selfie, People and Party, Action and Sport, Bulb, Macro, Self-timer, Double exposure
Exposure Mode Time automatic
Exposure Compensation -0,7 EV/0,0 EV/+0,7 EV
Light Metering Automatic exposure control LV 5.0 – LV 15.5 (ISO 800)
ISO Sensitivity ISO 800
Self-Timer 2 Sec. / 10 Sec. waiting period
Flash Built-in electronic flash: Auto, forced on, forced off, forced on with red-eye reduction
Temperature Working Range 5 - 40°C
Battery Lithium-ion battery (supplied)
Voltage/Capacity 3.7V, 740mAh, 2.6 Wh
Battery Life (approx.) 100 pictures
Dimensions (W x H x D), mm 124 x 94 x 58
Weight (without battery and film pack), g Approx. 305

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