MB QUART Reference Speakers RK1-116
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MB Quart

MB QUART Reference 6.5-Inch Speakers (RK1-116)

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MB QUART Reference 6.5-Inch Speakers (RK1-116)
MB QUART Reference 6.5-Inch Speakers (RK1-116)
MB QUART Reference 6.5-Inch Speakers (RK1-116)
MB QUART Reference 6.5-Inch Speakers (RK1-116)
MB QUART Reference 6.5-Inch Speakers (RK1-116)
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Features of MB QUART Reference Speakers RK1-116

  • Titanium Dome Tweeters - The 0.75 inch dome tweeters utilize WideSphere Technology for exceptional musical reproduction of high frequencies, creating a larger sound stage and bringing the concert in your car to life
  • Superior Bass - The Lightweight Curvilinear design adds strength and superior bass frequency reproduction, allowing mid-range and bass frequencies to remain very musical without distortion caused by cone flexing
  • Designed to Fit - MB Quart Engineers work closely with vehicle designers to assure a perfect fit of every speaker, whether upgrading your sound system or doing a full custom install
  • Superb Sound Quality - Reference coax (2-way) designs feature a built-in audiophile crossover, guiding the frequencies from the amplifier to each driver (speaker), designed with tight tolerance components for the highest sound quality
  • Power Handling - The RMS Power Handling of these speakers operate at 50 Watts (each) and 100 Watts (system), and Peak Power Handling at 100 watts (each) and 200 watt (system). With Speaker Impedance of 4 OHMS, these speakers bring your car to life

Product Info for MB QUART Reference Speakers RK1-116

Through MB Quart, the pursuit of rich sound, while delivering deep bass impact, is what fuels Music. Defined. The all-new, MB QUART Reference 6.5-Inch Speakers take your audio experience to whole new levels of sound and clarity. The Reference Series will reward you with clear and high-end quality on all of your favorite tunes and playlists.

High temperature adhesives are utilized to keep the coupling from cone to surround fused and are also impervious to cold weather. Molded Polymer Sealing gaskets are utilized to keep the speaker isolated from the mounting surface and improve protection from the water and dust intrusion. Red woven fiber cotton poly blend spider to stabilize the cone and voice coil in all musical situations. Venting allows air passage through the spider and speaker frame ribs to exchange air over the voice coil.

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Product Type:


Weight, lbs 4.5
Dimensions, in 16.8" x 7.95" x 3.5"
Type Speaker
Series Reference
Category Mobile
Speaker RMS Power Handling, watts 50/100 Each & System
Speaker Peak Power Handling, watts 100/200 Each & System
Speaker Impedance, ohms 4
Speaker Frequency Response 58Hz-20kHz
Speaker Sensitivity 88.3dB
Speaker Crossover Slope 6dB/Octave
Speaker Height, in 2.91"
Speaker Mounting Diameter / Cut Out, in 5.59"
Speaker Outside Diameter, in 6.57"
Speaker Mounting Depth / Chassis Depth, in 2.8"
Speaker Size, in 6.5"

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