SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone SHGL9
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SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone (SHGL9)

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SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone (SHGL9)
SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone (SHGL9)
SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone (SHGL9)
SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone (SHGL9)
SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone (SHGL9)
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Features of SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone SHGL9

  • 8.25 inches long x 2.75 inches wide
  • 30,000 Grit - Ultra Fine
  • Lasts longer than other waterstones
  • No need to soak before using
  • Complete instructions included

Product Info for SHAPTON 30000 Grit 5mm Glass Stone SHGL9

The GlassStone series of sharpening stones uses a revolutionary design to provide great usability within a thin package formed from a combination of glass layers. The wide selection of stones lets users enjoy the sharpening experience as they pursue the ideal finish for any kind of blade. Shapton sharpening stones are made with finely graded ceramic cutting media that requires less flattening and lasts 4-5 times longer than most water stones. The abrasives in Shapton Glass Stones are also extremely uniform, meaning the abrasive encountered with the first pass of a blade will be the same as the 5000th pass. Each stone is comprised of a 5mm tempered glass backing plate fused to a 5mm thick stone. The 30000 grit stone has a particle size of 0.49 microns and is ideal for putting an ultra sharp edge on a straight razor.

Fast Cutting and Longer Wear

Waterstones are known for fast cutting which speeds up sharpening. Shapton GlassStones are very fast cutting, yet they wear much less than traditional waterstones. By wearing slower, they will require less flattening and you will remove less abrasive material when flattening.

HR Series

The HR Series of GlassStones is a versatile stone for most sharpening applications (for straight razors and some high carbon steel we recommend the HC series). The HR Series is ideal for many harder steels, stainless steels as well as harder steel alloys.

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Sharpening Stones

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