ST CROIX Custom Ice Fishing Rods

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ST.CROIX Custom Ice Fishing Rods

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$101.83 - $150.00

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Features of ST CROIX Custom Ice Fishing Rods

  • Proprietary blank technology built into each model for extreme performance
  • REC Recoil guides with black pearl finish
  • Split-grip/super-grade cork handle
  • Two coats of flex-coat slow cure finish
  • Technique specific ice series features unrivaled technology and performance

Product Info for ST CROIX Custom Ice Fishing Rods

Utilizing the same production methods used on St. Croix's celebrated open water rods, the ST.CROIX Custom Ice Fishing Rod sets the standard in sensitivity and feel when ice fishing. This lightweight ice rod incorporates four distinct blank platforms in solid, tubular configurations and is equipped with premium-grade components; allowing optimal performance on the ice. Whether you are searching for tricky walleye, pulling soft biting crappie, or hauling in big lake trout, bring the heat to your winter ice fishing with the St. Croix Custom Ice Rod. is an authorized St.Croix Rod dealer

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Size Chart/Specs

Model Technique Length Power Action  Handle Blank Material
CI20LXF Sight-Bite 20" L X-Fast 1 SC
CI24LXF Pan Finesse 24" L X-Fast 1 SC
CI28LXF Micro Spoon 28" L X-Fast 2 SG
CI28MLF Perch/Eye Spoon  28" ML Fast 2 TCG
CI28MLXF  Tungsten Tamer 28" ML X-Fast 2 SG
CI30MXF House Rod 30" M X-Fast 4 TCG
CI32LXF Pan Dancer 32" L X-Fast 3 SG
CI32MLF Deep Spoon 32" ML Fast 3 TCG
CI32MLXF Perch Seeker 32" ML X-Fast 3 TCG
CI32MF Search Bait 32" M Fast 3 TC
CI32MM Dead Нун 32" M Mod. 3 TCFG
CI36MLF Spoon Hopper 36" ML Fast 3 TCG
CI36MF Outside Eye 36" M Fast 3 TC
CI36MHF Trophy Taker 36" MH Fast 3 TC
CI38MXF Eye Raiser 38" M X-Fast 5 TCG
CI42HM Apex Predator 42" H Mod. 6 TCG
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Additional Information

Black, Tan
Product Type:
Ice Rods
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