VORTEX Defender Flip Cap objective 24 O-24
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VORTEX Defender Objective 24 Flip Cap (O-24)

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VORTEX Defender Objective 24 Flip Cap (O-24)
VORTEX Defender Objective 24 Flip Cap (O-24)
VORTEX Defender Objective 24 Flip Cap (O-24)
VORTEX Defender Objective 24 Flip Cap (O-24)
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Features of VORTEX Defender Flip Cap objective 24 O-24

  • This is the last flip cap you will ever need
  • Virtually indestructible, this cap will fit snugly on nearly all Vortex Optics
  • A stainless steel spring flips the cap into multiple stop positions at 45 and 90 degrees
  • It features a snap flat spring that will keep your line of sight unobstructed
  • Objective-24 fits: RZR-16003, RZR-16004, RZR-16005, PST-14ST-M, PST-14ST-A, PST-43111, PST-1605, PST-1607, SE-1624-1, SE-1824-1, CF2-31035, CF2-31037, CF2-31047
  • Objective-32 Fits: RZR-6638, PST-43103, PST-43104, PST-2105, PST-2101, DBK-08-BDC, DBK-M-08P, DBK-10011, DBK-10013, CF2-31003, CF2-31002, CF2-31001R, CF2-31001
  • Objective-40 Fits: RZR-1589, RZR-1572, RZR-1565, RZR-1558, DBK-10025, DBK-10023, DBK-04-BDC, DBK-M-01P, DBK-01-BDC, DBK-M-04P, CF2-31005, CF2-31007, CF2-310017, CF2-310019, CF2-310025
  • Objective-44 Fits: PST-3158, PST-3155, PST-3151, VHS-4305-LR, VHS-4302, VHS-4303, VHS-4304, VHS-4305, VHS-4308, VHS-4309, DBK-10019, DBK-10015, CF2-31013, CF2-31015, CF2-31029, CF2-31031, CF2-31033, CPH-412
  • Objective-50 Fits: RZR-31802, RZR-31803, RZR-52005, RZR-52006, PST-5258, PST-5255, PST-5251, VHS-4310, VHS-4325, VHS-4307-LR, VHS-4315-LR, VHS-4307, VPR-M-06MD, VPR-M-06BDC, DBK-M-03P, DBK-03-BDC, CF2-31011, CF2-31023, CF2-31027, CF2-31039, CF2-31045
  • Objective-56 Fits: RZR-42704, RZR-42705, RZR-42706, CF2-31049

Product Info for VORTEX Defender Flip Cap objective 24 O-24

Rifle ranges the world over are littered with broken flip caps.
This is one cap you will most likely never see in a flip cap boneyard.


Since 1986, we have been and remain an American-owned, veteran-owned, family-owned and operated business of hard-working folks headquartered next to our friendly neighbors in Barneveld, Wisconsin.

The Hamilton family—starting with Dan and Margie, and followed by their sons Joe, Dave, Sam, and Jimmy—founded Vortex to change how business is done by putting customers at the center of everything we do. From tagging your first whitetail, to hitting the range with your friends, to using the right optic to get closer to the outdoors and your family, our team thrives on serving you, and on your success.

Now over 300 American team members strong, we work diligently to give you the best optics, apparel, and service in any industry, all delivered with our legendary VIP Warranty: Our unlimited, lifetime promise that if you ever have a problem, we have your back.

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Flip-Up Caps
Objective Size:
Product Type:
Flip-Up Caps


 Objective Outside Diameter (inches) Outside Diameter (mm) Weight
O-24 1.1-1.2 inches 28.25-31.25 mm 0.6 oz
O-32 1.5-1.6 inches 38-41 mm 0.8 oz
O-40 1.8-1.9 inches 45.5-48.5 mm 1.0 oz
O-44 1.89-2.08 inches 48-53 mm 1.0 oz
O-50 2.2 - 2.3 inches 55-59 mm 1.3 oz
O-56 2.4 - 2.6 inches 62-66 mm 1.4 oz

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