VORTEX Pro Leveling Head TRH-LVL2


VORTEX Pro Leveling Head (TRH-LVL2)

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  • VORTEX Pro Leveling Head (TRH-LVL2)
  • VORTEX Pro Leveling Head (TRH-LVL2)
  • VORTEX Pro Leveling Head (TRH-LVL2)
  • VORTEX Pro Leveling Head (TRH-LVL2)
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Features of VORTEX Pro Leveling Head TRH-LVL2

  • The Pro Leveling Head is compatible with the High Country II, Summit Carbon, and Ridgeview Carbon Vortex tripods, or any tripod with a 3/8"-16 thread
  • The tilt/panning action of the Pro Leveling Head can be adjusted by unlocking the Knurled Control Ring
  • This allows you to position your optic at the desired angle, or pan the optic while viewing
  • Smooth movement, precise adjustments – Integrated level for precise positioning
  • Plus twist to unlock/lock knurled control ring to keep you locked in. +/- 9.0 degress of leveling capability
  • Low-profile, robust aluminum construction supports heavy optics while remaining incredibly smooth to operate
  • Scratch-resistant anodize finish; Low-profile height of just 1.4"
  • Integrated bull's-eye bubble level to ensure proper setup

Product Info for VORTEX Pro Leveling Head TRH-LVL2

Ideal for their High Country II, Summit Carbon, and Ridgeview Carbon tripods, or any tripod with a 3/8"-16 mount thread, the Vortex Optics Pro Leveling Head is built with a light weight and low profile, so you can lighten your load without compromising performance. It is designed with a standard 1/4"-20 stud for optics, cameras, or video gear with +-9 degree of leveling capability. Once its integrated bull's-eye bubble level indicates you're good, simply twist the locking collar to set the head where you need it.

Attaching The Leveling Head

1. Remove the pan head from the tripod by turning the head counter-clockwise.

2. Install the leveling head by turning the head clockwise.

Attaching Optics to Leveling Head

Thread your optic onto the leveling head's 1/4"-20 thread.

Tilt/Panning Action

To unlock the leveling head, rotate the Knurled Control Ring counter-clockwise (viewing from the top) until the leveling head moves freely. Adjust to your desired position and lock the leveling head.


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Size Chart/Specs

Max Load, lb 22
Height, in 1.4"
Weight, oz 7.0
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Additional Information

Product Type:
Tripod Accessories
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