VORTEX Radian Ball Head TRH-BAL1
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VORTEX Radian Ball Head (TRH-BAL1)

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VORTEX Radian Ball Head (TRH-BAL1)
VORTEX Radian Ball Head (TRH-BAL1)
VORTEX Radian Ball Head (TRH-BAL1)
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VORTEX Radian Ball Head (TRH-BAL1)
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Features of VORTEX Radian Ball Head TRH-BAL1

  • The Radian Ball Head is designed with a quick release mechanism that makes it fast and easy to install and remove
  • The head comes with a quick-release plate for fast setup and breakdown
  • The head is Arca-type compatible - so if your gear's mounting shoe is too, you don't need the plate
  • Compatible with the Radian Carbon Tripod, this Ball Head offers independent pan movement
  • Features tension control with an integrated level, 45° of tilt, and notches for up to 90° for all the travel you need
  • The Ball Head offers advantages when shooting or glassing at high or low angles
  • Offers greater elevation adjustment and the ability to level but still pan
  • The Radian Ball Head uses Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates
  • Item Package Weight: 2.7 pounds

Product Info for VORTEX Radian Ball Head TRH-BAL1

To mount your optic to the tripod:

1. Twist the Quick-Release Locking Knob counter-clockwise to remove the Quick-Release Plate.
2. Attach the plate to your optic. Be sure to tighten the Mount Bolt from the bottom side of the plate and flip the D-ring so it lies flat.
3. Place the Quick-Release Plate back into the tripod head and turn the Quick-Release Locking Knob clockwise to securely lock the plate in the head.

Tilt Action

The ball head's tilt can be adjusted by unlocking the ball head. This allows you to position your optic at the desired angle. For extreme angle, or full vertical orientation, rotate the head into one of the two cutaways.

- To unlock the ball head, rotate the Ball Locking Knob counter-clockwise until the head moves freely. Adjust to your desired position and lock the ball head.

- To lock the ball head, rotate the Ball Locking Knob clockwise until you feel tension on the knob.

Panning Action

The Ball Head can be adjusted to allow you to pan across a scene without adjusting the ball head’s angle. This is particularly helpful while glassing wildlife moving across a field, maintaining a flexible position for your mounted rifle.

To use the Panning Base Knob:

- To unlock the panning base, twist the Panning Base Knob counter-clockwise.

- To lock the panning base, twist the Panning Base Knob clockwise. You may also adjust the drag of the panning base by tightening the Panning Base Knob, but not locking it down completely. This will allow you to have more control for smoother panning across a scene.

Adjusting Drag Tension

The drag tension can be adjusted on the Ball Head for when the head is in the unlocked position, allowing you to pan and tilt the ball head. This is helpful when viewing fast-paced action scenes. To adjust the drag tension, unlock the ball head by rotating the Ball Locking Knob counter-clockwise. Turn the Drag Tension Knob clockwise to increase the drag tension, or counter-clockwise to decrease the drag tension.

NOTE: Once the drag tension is set, it will stay at this tension no matter how much the Ball Locking Knob is loosened.

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Tripod Accessories


Max Load, lb 55
Height, in 7.0"
Weight, oz 35.2

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