VORTEX Radian Leveling Head TRH-LVL1
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VORTEX Radian Leveling Head (TRH-LVL1)

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VORTEX Radian Leveling Head  (TRH-LVL1)
VORTEX Radian Leveling Head  (TRH-LVL1)
VORTEX Radian Leveling Head  (TRH-LVL1)
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Features of VORTEX Radian Leveling Head TRH-LVL1

  • Compatible with the Radian Carbon Tripod, this Levling Head offers smooth, intuitive control
  • Features rubberized, twist-to lock/unlock handle and +/- 15° of leveling capability to guarantee precise positioning
  • Included in the box - Quick-Release Plate with 1/4-20 Thread
  • Head is Arca-type compatible, so if your gear's foot is too, you won't need the quick release plate, just drop it on the head and enjoy
  • 1/4"-20 quick release plate enables fast setup and breakdown
  • Lock holds position for easier focusing on stationary subjects
  • Head attaches to tripod with a quick release mechanism, so you can quickly and easily mount and remove it from the legs
  • Counterweight hook lets you hang sandbags or packs to help stabilize the tripod in windy conditions
  • Height of 8" with a weight of 1-pound; 44-pound payload capacity
  • Integrated level to ensure proper setup

Product Info for VORTEX Radian Leveling Head TRH-LVL1

Attaching/Removing the Leveling Head

To mount the leveling head to the tripod:

1. Lift the Quick-Release Locking Latch on the tripod.

2. Press and hold the Quick-Release Button and fully seat leveling head into the tripod. Once seated, the leveling head can be oriented in any direction.

3. Rotate the Quick-Release Locking Latch down to the locked position.

4. To remove the leveling head, follow these steps in reverse order.

NOTE: If needed, the locking latch can be repositioned by shifting the latch to the left and rotating the latch up/down to reposition.

Tilt Action

The leveling head’s tilt can be adjusted by unlocking the leveling head. This allows you to position your optic at the desired angle, or pan the optic while glassing.

- To unlock the leveling head, rotate the Leveling Head Locking Knob clockwise (viewing from the top) until the leveling head moves freely. Adjust to your desired position and lock the leveling head.

- To lock the leveling head, rotate the Leveling Head Locking Knob counter-clockwise (viewing from the top) until you feel tension on the knob. Do not overtighten.


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Product Type:
Tripod Accessories


Max Load, lb 44
Height, in 8.0"
Weight, oz 16.8

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