VORTEX Sport Binocular Adapter TRA-BINDAP2

VORTEX Sport Binocular Adapter (TRA-BINDAP2)

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  • VORTEX Sport Binocular Adapter (TRA-BINDAP2)
  • VORTEX Sport Binocular Adapter (TRA-BINDAP2)
  • VORTEX Sport Binocular Adapter (TRA-BINDAP2)
  • VORTEX Sport Binocular Adapter (TRA-BINDAP2)
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Features of VORTEX Sport Binocular Adapter TRA-BINDAP2

  • An extremely lightweight option for mounting your binoculars to a tripod
  • The low profile design allows you to leave it attached to your binos when not in use
  • Simple design means it will work every time you need it, in any condition
  • Its slim profile allows it to fit between the barrels of the largest high-powered binoculars
  • A quick-release connector allows the binocular to be removed for handheld use without disconnecting the entire adapter
  • Manufacturer Highlights - Threaded for 1/4-20 connections
  • Compatible with tripods and window mounts
  • The adapter features slim, lightweight and durable construction

Product Info for VORTEX Sport Binocular Adapter TRA-BINDAP2

The unique, quick-release design of the Vortex Sport Binocular Adapter lets you easily mount your binocular on a tripod or car window mount for extended periods of glassing. When you switch to free-hand glassing, there's no need to remove the Sport Binocular Adapter from your binocular. The slim, lightweight design of this binocular adapter won't get in the way - or poke you in the chest. The Sport Binocular Adapter uses high-quality machining and construction for a strong, secure fit.

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Tripod Adapters
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