WATERWISE 4000 with 1 Gallon Bottle Distillers 4012


WATERWISE 4000 w/1 Gallon Bottle Distillers (4012)

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Features of WATERWISE 4000 with 1 Gallon Bottle Distillers 4012

  • Automatic shut-off after one gallon cycle
  • Stainless steel condenser - not aluminum
  • Advanced design countertop appliance - Stainless steel boiler - easy fill
  • Distillate Capacity: 1 Gallon in 4 hours, up to 6 gallons in 24 hours

Product Info for WATERWISE 4000 with 1 Gallon Bottle Distillers 4012

Distillation effectively removes contaminants such as bacteria, particles, dissolved solids and VOCs. Ordinary tap water is heated to 212°F, (100°C) killing bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present. Steam rises leaving behind dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals and other substances. Using your Waterwise 4000 is very simple. Fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press the start button, and soon you will enjoy refreshingly pure water- the best that has ever passed your lips! When you are not distilling water, the handy collector bottle fits inside the distiller for compact storage and portability. Post filtration is used as a final treatment to effectively remove VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).

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Size Chart/Specs

Includes Distiller, Glass Collector Bottle and 2 Carbon Filter Cups
Capacity 6 Gallons (22.7 liters) in 24 hours
Dimensions (H x D), in 15 x 9"
Weight 10 lbs
Rating 120VAC/60Hz 800W
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Additional Information

Water Purification
Home & Garden
Product Type:
Water Purifiers
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