Wicked Edge Super Fine Ceramic Stones Pack WE12001600

Wicked Edge

WICKED EDGE Super Fine 1200/1600 Grit Ceramic Stones Pack (WE12001600)

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Features of Wicked Edge Super Fine Ceramic Stones Pack WE12001600

  • Produced using a proprietary method, are excellent for putting a mirror edge on your blade
  • Perfect step between the diamond stones and the strops
  • Two grits 1200/1600 (2 each)
  • Weight: 1 lbs

Product Info for Wicked Edge Super Fine Ceramic Stones Pack WE12001600

This set includes 2 each of 1200 grit and 1600 grit ceramic stones mounted on handles. The sharpening medium is vitrified bond ceramic made in a proprietary process. These ceramic stones are great to finish off and to maintain your blades. They are also a great intermediate step between the 1000 grit diamonds and your leather or balsa strops or even finer ceramics. They will further refine the edge and help remove the scratches from your diamond hones more quickly leaveing a slightly more cloudy finish than you will get finishing with leather. We primarily use these stones to remove scratches when working toward a fine polish on our edges or when doing touch ups of knives in good condition.

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Knife Sharpening
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Sharpening Accessories
Knives & Cutlery
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