BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 LaserScope 200133
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BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 Reticle Matte Black LaserScope (200133)

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BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 Reticle Matte Black LaserScope (200133)
BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 Reticle Matte Black LaserScope (200133)
BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 Reticle Matte Black LaserScope (200133)
BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 Reticle Matte Black LaserScope (200133)
BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 Reticle Matte Black LaserScope (200133)
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Features of BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 LaserScope 200133

  • Combining four tools into one advanced optic. Eliminating problems, so you can focus on the shot
  • Precision Optic: All lenses are fully multi-coated for sharp, crisp, edge-to-edge clarity
  • Digital Inclinometer: An internal inclinometer delivers a precise aiming point for angled shots up to 45 degrees
  • Smart Dope Card: Simply program your cartridge and load into the Eliminator. The precise holdover is automatically determined
  • Laser Range Finder: Powerful, built-in laser rangefinder will instantly determine the distance to your target out to 2,000 yards
  • Improved ballistics calculator accommodates centerfire, rimfire, muzzleloader and slug gun loads
  • Wireless remote laser activation of the laser rangefinder to range your target easily
  • Proven X96 reticle displays a 10-mph wind value to indicate wind hold-off for your specific cartridge at the indicated range
  • Mounts to any Weaver-style or Picatinny base. No rings required

Product Info for BURRIS Eliminator IV 4-16x-50 X96 LaserScope 200133

BURRIS Eliminator IV LaserScope is the most innovative and effective hunting riflescope in the world. Combining outstanding optics, pinpoint laser rangefinding, and precision trajectory compensation for the exact ammunition you choose for your hunt, it eliminates most of the variables and guesswork that often cause hunters to go home empty-handed. In one fast sequence the Eliminator IV determines the distance to your target, factors in your trajectory, and illuminates the perfect holdover. It’s that simple. The Eliminator IV significantly extends the range and accuracy of your favorite long-range rifle. No other riflescope combines this level of quality, technology, accuracy, repeatability, speed, and effectiveness. It will greatly increase the distance at which you can make an ethical shot.

The Eliminator IV features extended rangefinding capabilities out to 2,000 yards and enhanced ballistic calculator with more data and faster-aiming solutions. All this significantly increasing the distance at which you can make an ethical shot.

New wireless remote laser activation of the laser rangefinder has been added to make it easy to range your target. As always there’s no need for a smartphone, app or separate handheld range finder! 

Prior to the hunt feed the Eliminator IV your cartridge’s ballistic info and the scope calculates perfect holdover at your exact distance, estimates wind drift, then gives you the perfect aiming solution (bright red dot) — all at the push of a button. Just aim, range and shoot. It’s that simple!

Four tools in one advanced optics including: precision optics, an internal digital inclinometer, smart dope card, and built-in laser range finder.


1.Select a Weaver-style or Picatinny-style mounting base.
2.Read the manufacturer's directions regarding the installation of mounts before beginning.
3.Clean the mounting area of the rifle with a chemical that removes grease and oil. Pay special attention to screw holes. Use the same chemical to clean the mounts. Do not allow the cleaning chemical to come in contact with the stock or scope lenses.
4.After installing the base, position the scope so it offers the proper eye relief. To do this, shoulder the rifle as you would in the field. Dial to the highest magnification and position the scope as far forward as possible while achieving a full field of view.
5.Note the two slots in the base or bases you will use to attach the scope. With the mount clamps fully open, place the mount bolts into the slots on the base. Now match up the Eliminator IV scope slots and place over the two mount bolts - rocking the scope side to side until the scope is flush with the base. The mount clamps should grip the lip of the base and the lip of the rail on the underside of the scope. Finger tighten only.
6.With hex nuts slightly loosened, push the scope forward, and then firmly tighten both hex nuts to 50 to 70 in./lbs.

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Base Fit:
Eliminator IV
Product Type:
Tube Size:


Magnification 4-16x
Objective Lens Diameter, mm 65
Clear Objective Lens Diameter, mm 55
Ocular Lens Diameter, mm 42
Field of View @ 100 yds, ft 33-9
Eye Relief, in 3.5"-4"
Exit Pupil, mm 16-4.2
Focal Plane RFP
Main Tube Size Direct Mount
Click Value 1/8 MOA
Elevation Adjustment 50 MOA
Windage Adjustment 50 MOA
Parallax/Focus Objective PA
Adjustable Parallax, yds 30 to Infinity
Knob Style Capped Hunter
Reticle X96
Illumination Yes
Illumination Control Push-button
Illumination Settings 5 brightness settings
Battery 2x AAA
Color Matte Black
Length, in 13.5"
Weight, oz 28.8

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