Leupold RM 1in Scope Ring 49952


LEUPOLD Ruger M77 1in High Matte Black Ringmount (49952)

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  • LEUPOLD Ruger M77 1in High Matte Black Ringmount (49952)
  • LEUPOLD Ruger M77 1in High Matte Black Ringmount (49952)
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Features of Leupold RM 1in Scope Ring 49952

  • Height (in) - 1.03
  • Ring Diameter (in) - 1.00
  • Ring Diameter (mm) - 25.41
  • Use as a high-quality alternative to ringmounts sold by firearms manufacturers and as a no-tap mounting method.
  • Because these rings are machined from solid steel, they offer superior integrity and tighter tolerances.

Product Info for Leupold RM 1in Scope Ring 49952

The LEUPOLD Ringmounts, Ruger M77 1-Inch - High Matte (49952) are as rugged and reliable as the Leupold riflescopes they're intended to secure. You can count on them for rock-solid dependability and tack-driving repeatable accuracy.

The Leupold Ringmounts have a machined steel construction, superior integrity and tighter tolerances because Leupold machines them from solid stock. These Ruger Ringmounts provide a secure and repeatable mounting solution for fitting a riflescope with a 1-inch main tube directly to the receiver of Ruger M77 rifle. They provide a high mounting option.

The Ringmounts are covered by Leupold's Full Lifetime Guarantee.

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Additional Information

Base Fit:
Matte Black
Product Type:
Scope Rings
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